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This cartoon depicts Jasper McLevy as a cat fishing out the rats in the cheese that is the Capital House.

This cartoon depicts Jasper McLevy swatting at pigs with a stick named "Good Government." It portrays him as a massive reformer for CT.

This cartoon depicts the city of Waterbury as a can with the lid popping off.

This political cartoon urges people to vote neither Republican or Democrat by portraying the two sides as their animal counterparts, singing songs of broken promises. It encourages the reader to vote socialist.

This political ad expresses the sentiment of the socialist party in referring to the "third lever" as an alternative to the regular two-party system.

This cartoon portrays the state of CT as a human with empty promises embedded inside of him, causing his death in a hospital room.

This cartoon features support for Jasper McLevy, promising taxpayers leniency if he becomes the mayor of Bridgeport, CT.

This political cartoon portrays Jasper McLevy, Socialist mayor candidate of Bridgeport, CT, walking in on an elephant/donkey disguise scenario, portraying the socialist sentiment toward the two-party system.

This political ad shows support for Jasper McLevy, socialist mayor of Bridgeport, CT. "Pull the Third Lever" is a phrase associated with voting beyond the perceived two-party system.
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