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A Tribute to Tulipani

director of the Boys' Club, � com•
Monday, May 26, 1980 will be more
than Memorial Day in Ridgefield. It uwider for many . yean of the
American Legion, in addition to his
will be Julius Tulioani � by
ielictminaliip .. and many more
- lJCiiitiona ofreaponaibility."
Judge Romeo G. Petroni is head and
Aiill&. Tulipani; himaelf a former
cteator of the Italian Travel Club
selectman. will not only take part in
which. in addition to Monday's dinner,
the Memorial Day parade in the
is &pODIOring the much talked-of trip
morning but he will alsobethegueatof
to Italy buy up to 100 Ridgefieldera
honor at the Italian1rrayel Clph rlinner
from Sept. 24 to Oct. 8. The dinner, in
in the evening at Italian-American
fact,' will be something of a ·pep rally
Hall on Pr08pect Street.
for the upedition abroad, an occasion
In his proclamation on behalf of the
to dlac:&a the details
to perfect the
ee1ectmen, Fint Selectman
plans. There will be aome speecbea and
Foeai, declued that "the strength of a
aome presentations, too. Mr. Tulipani
country and each of it.a bamleta lies in
will be 9Q
old on J
the heart.a and minds of it.a people" and
, 1
n. Pelbr
in planning
he prai&ed the loyalty, devotion, talent
Monday's dinner are Bruno Franand courage of Mr. Tu1ipani; an imcbeacbiui, Gene Lavatori, Albert
migrant who "led others as a true
pioneer_j)811.icularly withbi tlie U,Oiu : Gaeta, and Luciano Bedini, and a host
of volunteer workers. The dinner will
communiti, to become a leader in the
be aerved at 6:30 and at 7:30 with a
social. patrio
traditional Italian menu. -11 Aldo
� n ephew of Julius, will
Mi. Foeai not.eel that Mr. Tulipani
was president of the Italian-American provide accordion music durintr the
25 years, a
Mutual Aid.�Jl for
� ��- .,.
.,L;.,,/ ..-4-'a...., '74,,-,,r ..,./."J

tbeBoard o



TULIPANI BROTHERS about 1925. Julius,
standing, the late Vincent.
Bl ock.

seated. Photo by Hartmann in his studio in the Bedient

Mr. Tulipani

(Continued from pap one)
For the trip abroad the travel club
bas chartered a special Pan-American
Boeing 747 with a seating capacity of
387 of which 100 have been reserved
for Ridgefieldera. At Jut count 88
people have signed up to take this trip.
Capt. Robert Lewis of Peaceable Ridge
and Captain Gordon E. Pluminer Jur
of Lantern Drive have both
auignment as pilots for the flight. The
plane wilNe�ve Kennedy on Sept. 24 at
p.m. and eight hour& later will arrive
m Rome at 9 pim, (That's 3 a.m.
Eastern Time.)
For the nm 14 days -there will be
bus �ps throughout Italy, including
overnight llbp in Rome, Florence, and
Venice. The nine-day tour of D01'th
.I�.will end in
and there
e1era will
visit �
tives and a giant reunion on
Oct 3 is being plaJined. Man
Ridgefield Italian familiea came rroi!
that part ofltaly.
More than half of the travelera will
return ho� on Oct. 8, leaving Rome at
10:25 a.m. and arriving •� Kennedy at





M°!8 � 30 of the travelers
wi ll
remam m Italy for more tri
aigbtaee_mg and relative-visi ps and
ting after
�e built of the group returns to
M°.w� gold doesn't talk to

bud gold.-