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it to be dist mctly uidcr stoolf •CtilmcdI~
• ]Rw the case was 1uimi rily
on Tuc scl:1yU(';z- P ,; U;c firi,l
in our
tbnt th ey were conv inc c1l by log ic, and not h- aetlled in-\Mcfirst nclion or the Regi•trar :!,
count ry's nuna )s 'l 1aom
an will hnn ~ a voice
iug else. 'l'h eir con\·cr sioll wns asJnstn nt a- (Kears. B\lrr Hendrick and Auguitus C. !l {n choosing the Chiof Magistrate who sh:lll
ncous :\S t,hnt of P11ul',;, h:w i ng trikcn place -Oo]dlitg) who rtttiud nod tmitrtd h,r name ir rulc O'fC r hu nod ll!!.,
wltil • the only f:tvoruUlc mmnUer of 1hc and ,forwnnled the list to tllo Bclectmcn for t
The _m1lrr h of c,vent s is oflcn slow, yet
Boan.I w:; ~ :1Us•~at for :t sl.iort tim e. Before ln-.1 supetivlstoa, v.·itbout objectioo to Mn .1 mnuy tun es sure. _Th e 110or n<'gro wnit r d
he co ul<1 r etu rn th(;y h ad a<lmiuist<:r·ti th e Huntington, as per Chapter Gt, Sec . 6, of , mn~~-, n:n u! yer.n, bl'fore lac couJd enj oy
cl!lctor's oath , natl si,c will vote 011llw i\tli &tatut.. or 1868. Tbal ba,t these Registrnrs
a c1hzc11s right of ballot, an<I no·,,·, nfter the
of Non .:mbcr , unic .is tho l us pcttor .-; re:fusc deaired herrejcctiou, their duty w:is clearly
ncgro. los t of ul11 a 1coman. hns finnlly,-wc
to r.x:civc her lntl!ot. If they should ,lo so, to have refused berapplication null lo buve
ore sorry to word it tllu s-.,,11n.7 from bcr
they will be Jrnule to a iine of ~500.
wltbbeld her name and ai:plicallon, from
reluetnnl fellows her long witbbel<I 1>riviA womau i,5;1,.10w atln, itt cc1to benu d ecto r 1'!hlchrejection her course was then to ap legc of ca sting h t:r vole'.
ruthi• Stale , 1,y the Board of Sclcetme11 of
I to the Selectmen for n tlnnl settlement .
Dear Mr. Editor, ,to nll<>wme to be a Jit:S,,r wnlk . Wh en the r.oloml men first "Jl· Tberebeing no 1ucb rejection and no appeal
lie Joyful on this OCC'5ion, n small Gue it
pH1."t! to Le aU.mittcd t hci!' apphc:n ion'! wcr.:i made, and tbe Selectmen floding her name
msy seem lo yotr to many 1 Out not s0'10 mv ,.
ed und er pl'olc::1
t. On t he c'l;iyof clcc - entered just u olbers wett, bnd an addition•
feminine vision : tlo ntlow l\ bcurly cl;cer f; r
1h• 1 plucky ·little womon who ,!nre<Inod
tio1i \jle lus pc,ctors qu estioned tlicir I ighi to al ,Justification and warrant In pa,slng her.
vot :.\\J>nt Scuator Fe rry C!lll\C nnd c1:1imcd T'-'t bj lhc election lsw, vAo, the Select•
perscvcr etl in th e face of nil 011po~ition to
that their •·otcs co uld not UC n·jc.-ct
ml. H men~have ad,nitt«I or rtjtcud a name their
o.ss_crt nnd mnintain her righl ~.
tht:l'tll v, ,,s a:1y ju sH\!e thi s d11in1 of tho action ia ffmaland bqond app,al. That ifa . D(fultow me to congr:ttul:,t c g<:ucra11ynll
Scrn,Ler1 thc 11m1y wc,m:111,
wl 10 h:,s c01111>li
cd mlaor or other disqualidcll person ls 'ente~ell. those wh o rcgn rtl thi s us u faroralilc omen
wit ll the Jm,· wllhout p roLc.,i, cau, upon a and returned upon the Sc)t!clmcn'• ll9t, .aod
for the futur e, th is littl e "crevas se," lhis tinv
ucttcr grou n<l, dc mnml the privil ege of vol- cbooses lo votefrauduknll¥,
tho party tanopening in the gmy old wnll or tradi tion
inu for UniLcd Stntt:a officcr3 whh \ltlt being wot be preunt«l/l"O'lft uerd•"ng tAat right but
through wl,ich ooz es now , l\uly IJJC W l'~
q; cstiouc<l.
tllklngtbe re1pon•ibillty or the act.
drop or m?i stur e, soon to gnther oibe r, on<I
_\ query i• here ra is..'t.l! I• tbc ue(\ro Jc· Jlo~ver,a be~vy peully Is allucbcd to yet other drops, nolil, lo! 11 s trcnm lins
~ully nrndc uu elector of the State if Ibo tl1e reglstnra ht case·of such r<j<-clionor re- 1:nt bcrecl Its force, the cml.unk:ncnl is gone,
word u white II is nol stricken from our con~ tuaJ to receive tbe ballot of any person so n wreck of th e pn s1, crnrl nertJ' to ~ built
! stitutiuu i' If th e nci;ro is legally m:ulc a puled upo n. Tbat our Registrars are in• aga~,,I
voter, then ln tlio sa me 1dnun<:r is. ){r s. , con1llteot aud ot serious fault tor any s~ _ 1 'I hank you for J1crmitting lhat oral oric::i.1
Huntinglo:i lcgnlly uu de n rnt er. If the , aequent actloo supe"Jsiof tbst of tliem· Oourisb, It <lid my heart goo,\ _to writ e ii,
wol'd u mnlc" is noL stricl,cn from our St at.c ae)Tel and the Selectmcu. ~
uu1y it hurt no sensiti, ·c ncn •cs to read it.
1conetitution , both ha ,·c tile •nmc r 1111
There!• no ground for apprcbcn<liug the
1 Ufic:1- · On the other side it I• cl.. in>ed tbat lbe
lions under tho XV th nmcmlm cnt.
word "male,"in the Con,titutlon or this ~klcs foiling nc>:l week, or or tbc earth Oll~n1
~· · .
_ State pro'fidingrorsu1frage, dcfioltdy 1ettles · mg nntl S1>Allowiugus nll up, though some
// ,,.,,., ,., ~••
"-~t t li:, iiie wbole maller,aotl tho 14th nndt:llb · tln1idm,ndsm ay hav e gloon1y fcnrs 111
, 00
Jr ,rv. I, , t '(') y . •~

Amendments or tbc Constitution doeo not the subject ; In connecti op with that one
Probably nb local event ba1nerawakencd
laterftre wltb the provildona of onr laws Iwoman's vote, th e only cloud, I sec growiog
ao wide-spread and Interesting a dilcaulou ocllldlllgfemalelfrom tberlgbtooC.lllrrage.
out of_il nn<Iforeboding ill, and t:1>! to c.vil
at home and abN>lld,as tbe ncllon or our . 'l'llat, u well might lbc name of an infant doer, only , ls \\·hot one woman ha• done,
Selectmen In ndmltting lira . Huntlnrton to Ileen entered, and the 111u,nt uml1sloo fro• Imany wolllen will <lo ngain, so 11IIoftlee
tbe ·rigbb of an elector.
tile yotlag list by the Reglstl'lln, altboagb ii seeker s, bc~ar e ! wh en wom:m tnkcs the
Two years ago senral women were ad - Joe9 oyenide their own . Int act and lbe llcld, she mll tlo her best lo put the right
mltted, and did vote for Congresmieu In lul action of the Seleclmen, Is Ju11i~ablc, ; m 31'. 11_1power .
Xlcblgan, nod tbong_b a legal contettiDf of becausetheir action being Illegal w,•• .,nnll I A.year or two •go, the G• !•len .Age. made
their rigl,ts wna promised It never reacbed ud Told A.niwer is macle to the relillnce · an •!•borate nrgumcnt , .carried out m fnJJ,

• " . ..
deto1l, to prov e that nud er the fourteenth
tbe courts. Women, bowtver, are legally placed upon the expre 33 u,n JD" 1e 1~ 1• and fifteenth constit111ionalan1cndmcnts the
permitted to -.ote In all school cllltricb [law de4nlog tbe quallllcations of Tot~re In righl ; C!C_sulTrnge is gunrantecd to women
tbrougbout :Micbi~n . In WyomlnlJ and oar elate by the proTl•ione of Sec. litb, of as'i,,jj ·.,, to men. This. ,·icw ,ms c~nUtab women vote and In England sull'raie Till, 'ltd Revised Statute• Compilation 1866 flrlllfl _by the Cb!~~ Jushce of Wyommg

lb 01
in an elaborate tlEc1s1on,and al so by .Jmkc
ffl UDg upon a property qualillcallon,women
which says :- " Words 1mport 1•::
e ••- Underwood of Virginia in n publl sbe,1letter,
wbo pay tax .. vote the aome as men. Tbe cnllne gender may be applied to females."
nod by• number ofotbcr juri sts. So nulc
11aatlou Is bccollling n formidable one, and
a ln"·ycr ns ~en_. Rcnj ,m1in !'· Bull er hn•
loom• np ns the great nll-ubsorblog ioaue of
-La&eal It)' Telesrapll,
llllld tbnt It " rncont~o.vcrhble and must

aooner or Inter prcvn1l. W c nro gln<l to
tbe future. Norwalk Is destined to a celebIlRIDOEPORT, )londay AtleruGOn.
learn that the nhdity of this view bas been
rlty _or wblcb its Selectmen little dreamed by
Jndge .Minor refuse• tbc mandamus. The recojtlli•cd by the selcc1u_,e'! of Norwalk,
tbl1 occurrence _ Prniscd as they are 00 tbe
1!' the unnn!mous ndm1ss1011
qf a lody to
IIee Iii_on b •• bf!e• appealcd from to tbe Su- Ct.,
the ngbt of nn elector. The c11izc11,,ho
ones 1de, nod cond~ncd OD the otber, It Is preme Conrt. Senator Ferry plead for lhe bns thus bnd the fine courngc to clai m and
aot sitigulnr tbat ti,.1. ,;llould ban bad a JkgMrar•, and Woodwnrd and Perry ror the good fortune to secure, ber rlgl;t, or
tlmeoflt the lllr•. Huotlugtoa.
1citizcnsblp, _lsll~rs. SorJbl\l T . II~otingt on,
put week_ We endenoied to stat~ tbelr
~ Indy of high mtelll~encc null soc111
~ 11au<lv- ___~
r \• _,
mg, who laal week, 111 company with her
pc» ton In our lnat with encl tratblltlncas.
n l"'l'ijllll"..,,e,\-. "'.nJ .•
Poubc Gazelle. busbnnd, went before th e bonrd of select•
()qr report recelv .. tbe endonement of all,
1,y •••
men, nr,:ucd her rights und er th e Constltu ucept our town clerk, wlaoac"card" •,J>•
Norwalll Bo • .,.,"
don, answc~ nbly and bt illiau!ly oil lb~
pean ebewbere. We endeaTored not to
·frESSllll. EDnons .·
objections wb1cb some of lbe selectmen. o,-.
(creel, convinced these gentlemen of the
mlulate bis true position. Be claim• be
Did my cnra bear nright ns my goo<! bu s- 'justice of her position. nud procured the
did not surrender bis unallerable oppoaltlon _ baud , (an old Norwnlker), r oad tbot bead• reglstrntiotl_ or her name . W c nre delighted
But wbea we saw our friend - riN 11p uc)
ini, ud tbe nccounl following? Could it to record tb1Strlcmpb . Furtb ermore,to show
clup ban<ll-not a~
tbe bloodycbum,
;bat In tbnt town I bod always thought a :i~}:t~•~~~r'uz~':. st~~bb,:t
b11t across tbe table, with the succeufal
llttlc"Wind the times, 11 Drmrd of mankind 'lfe add thnl Mn . Huntington will \"Ole for 1
lady, whose brillinol ere• plerecd tbrongb
ba,1 been overpower ctl by 011• woman? Gruut.-/hm,
TA• Go!dt11 .1go. .
blm wltb •II their melting lusll'll lDlen•U!ed Truly ; strJngc tliin "s nrc h:1ppcuiog I Hur J,ln. Isabella Beecher Hooker, wbo hos
by ber triompb,ln ti,atsuprem.e moment and' rnhJ ror Mrs. H. and tho Board,puticulsrly, . iaow a national rc1>utntion ns an en,m•:i
1 1
acUon, It was the conyictlou or all P!"ffDI
to ?ilr. \V. S. Bouton would I e:xten,1 tbo ::v~.::
~~ ~ 0 ::'.,';!'e
tbat lflt was nott 1urr,"'11r it va, tbe mOII' rigbl Land of followahip, noel to Mrs. H. EJ':f.:'hetb Cody Stnnton to the offlc• ofprcbr\lllant and IUCCllS1ful
eaptureon record
present my enrn cst tbnnks fur tb us assert - 1ideat 'i 11.1870,may be consolccl !or her dis
Tbo case bna now usumcd a new pbaze
ing lier rl"bl s and so the ri"bl s or her si•· appointment In the rt•fusol of the_selectmen
tb R · t
" '
or Hartford to aftmit her to lbc right• of a e cg1s_ran aH,01111 .. to ters,,orwc sbull ,urclgfollo"'. on,nnd the ('reeand iudciicndent voter, by perceiving
Mr """" on t!w,r tol<n, lill. Applltime c_o:nc whcu the cartli will uo longer the fruit of her teachings bnve borne in,
cation Is made fi>r a mandamus for the
tremble, because a ,aoma,i hos cost her vote, Norwnlk, C1. Mrs. B. U . T. llunll ~gton, of
tbelist wbicbl1 to ' aadexerd ,cJwhntl
alwoysthouwbt to be lthftlploce,bn s fouud 3 more g•llnul body

ot sclcc1meu1 nud wos mntlc n. voter last
arga lo-day nl Bridgeport, and tte de- bcr ,nAer,nt right .
If not sncccssfnlly challenged
clale11 upon wblt,b we hope to ,et before
Brooklyn, Nov. 1st.
, at the poll s, she wl!! be the ~nly womon
lngto preu .
who e,•cr calit a vote fn1· p1'cs1dcnl or the
Tbere Is a mo1t lively aad exc:ltlog can •• 1.aos,
• o• •-•••"
, I Uoitcd Stu-tes, \lDless one or more should
· <
someth "ing rnrc and oove I cbaracteri s..."' " now
_be ndm11tcd clsewbcrc.
.,_ orIb e purely llgal ~••
of tbe case
bnvc tho bnllot 111Wyoming and Utah, but
going on among tb~ la41'en and legal wiae- this ycnr'a Presidential elecUon; a tt<»rnrn people In territorie s do not vole for 1>ccsl' acret of tbe towo-'- fll '!i!'_IIP.,.•ide IU,
~been registe red, nod will ~••
· vote dent .-:;-Dar/ford Pt,1t.

IBut 'tbcy wish






--!IP••... ,... C•••
.. ••






lawyers to ~ave .succcsifully ~o'inbattc<l.iP,ge over to the camp the mostullro wing
Ber ma~n reliance seemed to be t\!e ::\_~tl!f.!.'111!
.Woman's Right s Army. Wcconco1>,
Am~~dment to the !)onstltution, w~cli in template nothing more nppnlling or disas•


h,-r Y•f"
,~d~anced woman to the enjoyment troua; lolh• gre•t Tribull e editor's pence ~,
of th_e prinleges _of. suffrage_cquan.1win, mind than ,sncb "c,;1,11'11gt11c11,
nod it is ru,ly
·..;.;:::.~'l'!'lt-"'ll negroe1,and by v1rtue nf tbnt lostnmcnt • because of its entire improbaU/ily t11nt1cc,sn
·~ denied , the right of any law or Con~iuu- 80 composedly cbntcmp!ote its pos sil>ilily.
hon to abridge or deny it.... • ,
ijnt in nil serio11sness, thi s occurrence
&lectmnn Wm. S. Bouton, h ia/ alated seems to us . one of exceeding nrnvily. Its
whenlier na,\De~u submfttcd as a rlaiman;; ultimate results ore 1101 likely ;:, be limited
to be admitted ap elector, untqulyocaJly to Con~ccticut, and possibly not nlo1>cto the
gnehls support ~e
broad .princlp!e that ,americ,m nation . lfany of our nblcst L egwomen are eqial17 with men entltled to >lalaton;, lnwyersnn1l publicis• .s have nlrendy
t'Ote. .Seleetman Joseph P . Hanlon!' was recorded their opinions · that within the
tlaenext to surrender, ~uu in doing .so ad- present decade womo :0 suft'rngc will be a
ml!t'llt bis inability to controvert ·iw .
f4ct conceded nnd actual that thither the
m~ -~ ~lcchnan
Au1lre1v Sellq:k wftl' irrcprculble fore• 3 of public opinion tend
ud bcld out some two"rraurs; and there is 'no cscnpc from It. Ami nfter '
·OD , general ground that usnge 11~ilber_ tbat, what ?
1&nc\loned'or the general iolerpretatioa of
. ---~..---tbc eleetion lows contemplated women he• I
Ing l!dinittcd to the pri , ilegc of voting but · (
..-Ub !lln, !lar ;"h "I, T'
.. mijorlty of the Board ngninst lilm, Mrs) ·•. ''. •.. • ' HnnU•r:•o•~
- . . .
H.'s unnnswerablcargument s, nnd his own
. ~!rs. 8.u.,h ;,.r. T . _llu111111g
to11 of tin s
A lady In the Down Town Volin~ Dis natural gallantry 1ionlly overcome bis Op]lO• city lt:is, 1,y her .:• ••ilut,on tu conlc•t to th e
trlcq11~'1,.6fl~~to be registered, laa' l!ltion. The Town Clerk , Ileory K. Selleck, end , nn'.I by
success with Ilic llonrd I
• pliant Regilltrs 1 •iewcd tberuntletwithstillmorebesitalion,
or ll cg1:~m1m11,n,adc hr:rscll famous wlt11eoutiiout7
recelYed tbe appllcahon, 6Ue but made nn objection 10 n u·nnnimous ad• out ~ce...:m
g so lo _Uo. Tlmt rm Americ an
out lite P!(>Per bla•~, and agncd to aobmi" miuion 1\'hl'n he found nll tlirec cf the womuu c:m cxcrc1s:c the ri1-:
ht of sutlrng<',
roraction. t, •~««., Selectmen willing to enter her oomo at walk ."P
ballot 1.,x :md VOI C IIS men,
· ; -?lbs . il,uotingtou, of
le~st an escnpc from the Jong ngilaled ques, vot~, :s ''. ll~mg ofleu d'.enmed or, u11tnever
I !>C•~"R~'}l the Boord o[
.l'Jlli\N,- lion. Itwns a bold aiu!eourogeousnct n.nd before_ rcnhzcd ._ 1u llu s l11d
y however, we
urgccl her c oiin"
to llw lfit boon error it ls .due to them oil to.~ta.le bc_I~n th e t~rn;; '""'~ mp lished and the
right of Suff'rnge. The llon rd couhln't sec that lt was done in no spirit of frivolty but wir · hnv<:, loflg _ere tlu~, tittslu~,l tho glad
. it, arid she will nprcar agnin next. Saturclay, ,rltb a sincere nnd booe st hope that .;.me- new"' t.(l. th ' ! m,ripoll•:~, nivl wmjcy tho
Gentlemen, be mngnnnhf!_(?U& :md let lhc bow or )n ,:om.e wny an nutborUa.tlvetest.or henru : t.h~nc;:intl!' n; h~r or.-; ,~ho have
,Indy vote .
S ~ )-,fl&:. , determlpalion oC-the vexe,1 problem ml"bt sough t cnrne,llJ • !Jut pNc ,ionce chlTidently,
' result rroni tbei; octiou .
lbrough long ye an ,_for the s:;o1c boon. Mrs,
Another lady 8000 after 1>rcseated herself, . Uunt ln_; to a, ;we ar c ghid ~~
i, nn unpr e•
'·hoping to be also maue an elector, but •• ' ten •hi: erson! ii.kin~ from 11~toriHy cf
,.llrs. Huntington was the only womnn who I nny sort, and sunply clo,ms her r19lds as an .
had complied with tho preliminary legal Americ on wo!D&o. Olf 1'ue sdny afternoon,
ftquirements, she will enjor, tbe distlnctio,n ~o[e&;m· G•;<lincr tho gr~~t sonp u:nn, who
of beiD!f tbe only lady iu Norwalk, and 1 stop~1ug lo th e city: coo cc,ve d &he
probably ia the wh_ole Union, who will vote idea of ~•lhng on Mrs. ~~t,ogton, nnd coo•
· -~--:-· · - for tbe next President. Locally, the prece • 11ratulatmg her. By mvltatlon we went
1dent tbua established bas alreocly become in- with bim , introduced ood entered i11tocoo~
•..tensely interesting. The new Greeley Boal')I vcrsatlon wiLh her . W e found her versed 1
·U ~
, g.,.....,
· just elected arc nlrea,ly trembling I~ con• . in nll poi~ts o[ ln\v rel~tiog to s·u fl'mge nod 1
templailon of the scores and .buodr~u or ( .tho ,bieoorn~ of. th e F1f1ec11th Arncnd•~• -ut
women who will next year rush upoi(tbem
lo the Const11utiou. Th o Pro&c-sso1
· sohc1l·
• ~ ._
and demnnd aull'rage nt :heir bands, although cd au n\llo.~r•pu Mier from th o Indy in reIt is well kqown their gre~t chieftnin or the ~~erencc IB h_is worl:I .re~o:vne'.: •o np, wi sh- I
Tribune ia irreeoncllably opposed to any mg, ns be sn1d, to piucc 1! 1u Ins scrap book,
c.>fl'nn I 1§
, woman voting . Our town too, nnd the l>y tho side or oth'et uo:ccl per w u~. Iu his I
Board aboye mentioned, have \bus become I~ok ure _autogrn pb l~ttc _ from Lincoln, •
. ~•9t-!lllll•J•
.. .~
immortalized and f•inous tbroughoul tl-,c Gn1111,l-mTngut, FIHmorc, uud llorn ce
' -.aT ·P.11&"}111,otK~~
earth . The electric wires thnt s])"n the Grceloy. Gov··.! Jew ell, Buckinghnm null
have alrea,ly tlasbe,l the tidir:,gs .• Bnwl ey, nnd lns1ly, Am,ic Dickinson, Nns- :
earth's r<:motest. corners . That slimy
by, 1md ,Tosi, llillings-•11 creckiog up tlte 1
I l I.IIGAII• ~.,~......,
•which quivers beneath the surging bit .
soap 1111111.'" n bencfnct.or. Th e illl cn·iew · I
411.ffP.,ai!ff,. g qs~ :
of tlie Atlaniic, wos tremulous S.t
y lustedn halt hour, whcu w.i r.tireu.
~ight with the announcement made to b<>,
European pr.... Easily Dilly we~
111k SNNI I
of Englnnd 's nristoc~
coxx£c nc~r>:.
m ,ET.
• -·
which bas SO long bntllcd the on,n,rd I A.I II IOL
1i11gof the Board ,,f R egist rars
lie 98th day _or Oetolier will , :iroman movement there. La B<;lle J:l,a~""•
j of 1hc 8d District, Mrs. Huu':iu .gton, w ifo
.-, , 'i memorable day ID the hi3tory ~ m the --ming ~f lier llepubhoon nspim· of J . D. Uuutiogton, nppenrell a ou n adc
_ town, if not iocleed a memorabla_-4a7 tio'!!', !'•d half liberated Spala m~y " 'ell npplic aliou to b ecome nu elr.ctor, "'·hich wus
· . .:.~! whole American nation autr'1~1ilY· stand aghast as the announcement convels received, :rnd her nmuc entered 'Jr..on tl1t!
~ world_. On that .day, appea~befu11e
1tbe prophecy of more surreode~J lo irrcpre
ne ::isu ·y.
charged "lib th( ... !)' of Ible popular progeos. The Sultan orTurkc.7,
On lhe !!Utl ins t. . ,be cu1uu JJcforc th e

n, Mr,. farab M. T,'Jlan. and lhe Kbcdlvc of Egypt " ·ill bctel\l!Klr IJoord qf Sclcctmev, and cli!l1m-tl th e righ t
_h an ardent self-::omct.u • lr.ce_pcloser :watch upon the olive bcnutios of to "be mude," uot only bce:uws he;· u11111e
,.eN otbeis a . to vote and a womu'a per• lbeir •eraghoa, nod it will be the first an4
on tho Hegist ry , but th at ,.;,.o wa s _:il,.9,
;.. · urging her right, sue®eded In crowning marvel for Stnnley to report in Iii• cnlillcu under tb o X.Vtb ...,euul'M'.llt..l~ e
l~aclng .01:1,r
to ndminls!er to her the nut meeting with Livingstone at Ujiji.
?con stit11tion. llut she w:_,s,
Pfteman• ~pa lh,iiod enter bcj,:name.-g
Tb• most intensely pcrpl _tJJ.illg.1:ootlngcn-· l>yth e Board, nil of whom, with oue cxcep • 1
oilier r,,glaiered TOier,. On Toesdlt., -Bbl cy about the CBf,ll now is ll1at Mr. Gntlq
tioo, nrgue1l thnt th ey bad uo legal right I'?
· ,ilii will appear at thejlOll~ oft~g
maypoe,i/,lf be elected by lhe elecloral vote . entertain, even, tho oppli c:u iou of ony wof. illrlcl, and cast her vote for Presidential
of Connecticut, nod tho.a electors be chosen miln tll' bc made au <•lcclor.
· ton the ume ai any male citizen . 1'n. b1 llot one f!Olt of (&ill,
Ju such cn!!e
)[rs. Huotiugwn then nsl.e<l the l!riv;Jegc
; pleait her _ c 3 se _,!'it~ an ability that !'ot , Mr. ~rccley ,.'ltlll).~foundlymnintn ios tbftt to appcnr before th e Bo.~•·'.I al its ti~•I meet•,
.!f aweptaway 1i so many cobwebs tbe no l\ODl3Dl>Asthe vote, would feel . iug, on S11t11nm~·lost, whi ch she chd, armetl
I· 'oppoilir,-theo~
;intertafoed bf • ·~on
• eonal!'alned, by hie d.cs1rc to be President,
nnd cqui1>ped with th e law, nllll plead her,.
' ·ot~ ~,.Jlllt
her atiolniii)~ •'.i'"'!ld no lo !nailt that Mrs . Hu_olinglon ,ca, so en- Cl!SC \Vith·such •~(IInml _so ,ireat eloquence,
~~• tiiJlliH
1!111.!'T..P!.'?.!!!:~\ ~•ad
to tran sfer hims elf, bng n~g•
thnl the oppos,110~ ~•1elclc~ .!~ her .!_og












89, 181,8.




J ..-.~.:.. ..

A enry 1' .llsC?









.-. , • • . ,I .rt • . •

. a~uo noi · lh_e Scl?!ctme.n to ;bis ~ .r ~yin !l~is:i,ny cz!u yon tl,cmonstrate to l MEssns t"o1 tt- :-I wns surprised to sec
case :-met"" ·1th opposiuon 011the pnrt or the ,u~ mtcll,gcn .t public tl,!_ot 1t was a. ,o od lhc u"c:nd ''ofour cv<'r galhnt :md tle:;cn· e<.l~gistrars of the town of Nor .walk, and tlun g nnd not the rc,·crsc which the Mor; ~
• .
. .
tbcyT1 tused to enter the name of ~!rs. Hunt- walk Bc,:ml of Sclcctm cu ,lit! when thc,1•ly . pu ar 1 o" n ,Ckrk.
eoui ..c 1 •~ 111
iogton \~>D tli? v~tiog list of sa i,d town. a<ltuilt cd you to th e rigllt s of suffrnge.
s:lY what he ditl mc:in tn tlo, on thoocc,tslo.n
~fter tlic l"Ot1u~hsr, ~s finully rctucd nod
Jot)I~ Iluntin g:ton's tri umph, .but fr9m h is
JM'~lcd !'Y t~ c Registrars, bad bc~n de.1~rom tl,ex, r . ft'fbun,; Wl'll known g·tlhntry nllll :ulmimtion fo'J
poalted '!1d1\th.J ldo,;v\c\crk, lln . HunrUnhg• 01!1 N?m~lk, Jong the Gibraltar , of He- Ollr cnshvetl ~ 11;1 disfmnchi ;c<I ,e x, ,; 0
ton app 1"
o u o,o , 110or, ns one o t e puhhc :1msm m Couuccttcut, but which w~ ,
. .·
Judget of tbt Superior Court, fill' n w:.rlt of carr !cd Uy. the Greeley party nl Hie reCID bdiieadul all \Jclac\·c tb ,,t hi s ~ou:;r,tlul nl\ o:l!I-1
pcrcmptori• maod :lmu s to compc) the Re~i~ - town election, nn1l Ylbich wns the first pl
~@ ns siuc,;rc ns nuy Ol th e rrst of the I
:.~eri~·'i,J~~ eJ~S~~· ~w:o;~!!~
iu the Amcricnuynlon to aC(:Ord the rl11h! oinl null WChope he will '.101rob us of the
. B .1 g
"i B ,
of suffrage to nc.,~oes, has s1111furlher .lld
Tilt""of still odmirin"0 111111
for hone stly
•-~,lll gt:))ort to -c1ny . ...-r' • \Vood- 1 vnnccd, nnd to-flny :ulmil t<'d to all · tllie , ~ 0 -. •

, •
ward and .1,oh!l U. Pc~ry, of Norwalk, or -1 rights of nn elector .Mrs. S:trah 1\I. T. But- aympttli1zmg with us m our \1i wn 0 :, , ns ~ c
gucd Jhe case'" IJehall of )!r s. H.,nnd Hon. iog :on. The lady nppcnrcd IJcforo lb• know, in the secret s or his heart, he truly
O. B.. f.erry npp~.arcu for tbc _Reg!stl"l!
rs. Uonru of Sclcctmcu -M cssrs. J os. P. Hand· dOH.
S.uuu .fa:,rn.
Kr. ~crrr c1a11ucd 1li.nt acco.r<lmg to .•ho for d, Andr ew Scl k•ck, \ Vm. II . Il outoo, and
of tl!o Sin lo or Conoechcut Henry K . Selleck, To1m Clcrk-ofticin\1 by
~omon · a1,o prooludcd from the rlghth1 ~, low required to exa mine nntl admit all /j}Ollfll
H ~ff
tbo. el~tlve ~•chlsc, ,•~d thc_refore the pcrsous ·legnlly entillc,1 to suffrage, nnd d~achl!P-!!C..t)letlelc~l~1cn m ndnuttrng lllr• . maucleil ltcr n ghls, Ill' virtue of the Coollti'
v ,
H 187:?,'
Huti"-9'gton, wns void,
lotion of th o Unit ed $t,11cs. Der nrgumcar Thnrsday Momlng, ,-onm 11er •
On the part of the rcbtor Mr,. I!, 1lt was was clcnr noel logicoll, nud could obly be
el•l~•4 by coun sel, ilt~t tt.o.ponrit of t!e- 11nswerc<l1Jy the J>lca tlrnt, in the opinion of
fi' tb e soloj~dges 1utho case, and mosl per sons, th e bw cli,I :101 coolomplatc
wa s nd_m1ttcd us nn elector b! wo111cn's yoting . ~Ir £•. IJ. ~ nb]y and "/iJ tho EcUIIJ;•
tif tho &m..tlnrl:
th_c Reg13trars exceeded their dex terously knocked asulc lh1s ar~mcnt,
Sri n' as ho"'· tbm·r'R a arr nt dt:'nl hei11' l\cd
oung t >o\·crr 11le the 11ctiot1 of that the Doar d wer e force d ton una.mmous
at hnm aml nbr()n<t nhnut nnr womn~ ~-n1~
tbc 1
tweo, nnd leave be; i_rnnw oW \be jud•rmcnl, thnt she b:ul proved bf!rself •mil thr nrkidiun nv onr to"'·n nnthor,tll' :l 111
1l1t1 'fl\C ~niC \Vil$ t• bly :\rguccl on botk cqu~lly c-uti!lcll with the negroes to yoteJ ;,clmitlin' hrr to thf? rltr R rmri prh-i1c(!P"-of
untlcr the Firteenth
:in rll'lct•ir. nnct ne1 hnw thrrn'R II unOJl 111:n?
Judge Minor refu sed the ·writ nppliell fqr Sclcclmau Selleck administered to her tho II\" hcm'in' ,m,1 hnw'in' fthnut it. nt11'1
n r."rtm
on the grouml tbnt bv the constitution of cuslomnry Frcc11ln.n's onth nn<l her no.mi: hi!!h funktthnnnrv hr s hin in<'linNl ~n•n\vlrn,t
this state the ScJectm·cn could not legally wns<lby Hie 'l'own Clerk upon the ,r, kcrOnmmux nml t!O hor\c on the rpq11011~1adlhlt')lrs . Huotinglon os nn eJ.;iar
n<l voting list. ns ti legally reJistcrcd voter, and llilitv. I ""'"'"" I.he privrl n!!~ nv i:1win' n fil
tbtreforc their action wascxtrnjuclICiit and uotblng can now pr..:vcnt her ,•cling nt the
wnrcls fn thr mlnmns of ynnr vnlnnh1n 1)11Toid. BelcOtm2n h:rve no powu to change coming ·clcction. ns she is resolutely dctc~- prr. 111i;ct thinJ?R" Jcrtlr 1u riJ,:hts, anc1shnw
of the Slate .
mined to do. Thus Norwalk \\'ill be cnh•
th" thina up M it nrt tn he.
'J Mi's. Huutingloo
appeals to th~ Supreme t\t!c1to the <lislinctio n of being thefirs~pla.ce 1 Thr ~11,1n ntr,,ir h:tz hin nv f! O:W 3e. n 111:ittc l"
court . She is n v,ood looking, intelUgent 1 in nny Stnte of the Union w-herc A temalo
nf rrrc:it ,ith nnrl mr,m~n,-:1 p~ k.,·. tnff
wot:Qan, appurent,y nhot\t two1il\•.two yeara hns been ))ermillctl to vote, nutl advancecl
thin~ tn r1r~i<lo
nnor.-n h, '! 1-r~Jlll11!.:11nlit,·of ngc 1 bus shsr1>, but goocl-nainred black to all the rigbts nn<.lprivileges of on Ameri:,ml A tnrnn1 nni ~nnr c. Hnt wh r n onl" 11v
eyes, nnd tluriug the hl•31·ing b<:forc Judge c:tu citize n. Two years ago last Apnl our thr ori'!infl1 c:il!n"r.l'lv th " n,,rJnrn!ihun
Mlnor 8hc occnpi<'\1 u sc:1t near the desk St:1te e!e?tion occurred jU£t ns the pas 13gof nnt. with n kl"rn1 nnil i:"z 11c hetl nnthiri' 111
RQdwalch etl tho proeePdin~s with intense ot the F10ecnth Amcntlme}lt wna promultin with it.. iLq 1itrr>trhill' ihin'! ;i;
ioterest , Sho Is t:viden1ly ll .wom:ut .or ,::ntcd, nnd our Bonrd :ulm1tt~d negroca_ •to -mnrr thfln thr thiflf! J..rn lwnr. N ow the
muc-.hgo.:1bea<lnlivcoessau<1 will uo do9.l)t) V.otc, although they were demctl the sriTi• cnmml"r-nnt.\\'ilh th P.krrr,1 i~ n (!01"111
!:mrt II\'
teal: t e matter to the utmost bef~re fgl,fng , . lege in every .o.thcr town in the ta.te~ :1 rrn<'r. nnd nz n f,mt.,i.hnn:irv i~ n snrc" s..:.
It ii{i.-Standa1'CI.
Subsequent ,lec1s1011sof our nlJlest _lawye~•
hnl it nin't n~nin' tn rltt fnr him In f!O hnr.k '
eonflrmc,I the \cg:ilily of thol action, and
• kt
PromtA,lf . Y, ,,,,.,,.._
if Mrs. II . W<'rCpcrmitlccl to argu e her uw,n ; on hi~ hrrt hrin in thi s wny. t A 1»1z ,.
• A ,vora co Sanll.
cnsc lcw here doubt tb:tt ltbc .Selectmen I rrntnral furn fPJlf"r when he 1rit::.ii1to n tit c
'l'hc Norwnlk (Co.DI!-) Boord of. Selec present nclion would findcquoljustlfte~tfota
plnrc. Ill sq11irmout. if he ken : ••,,, lcn,•e th_e 1
~en bav c ju st <\one .~ w~ry pe<;uliar tbiDa in ·Jaw nod cquit"· ·
on Q111nho11clv
else·~ ~hnultl f'r~. Rnt, 1t
'lltcy llnvc ndnutt~dr\[rs. Sarah M. T. Bnnl'4
ain'i n!?nin' t11du hrr• ~. 1t•Mtoo thin-;tlu •rn 1
ing:on to nll the right s ofnn elector, and a
w11stoo ml\nv a1·011nrlnn thnt memorin1 nr.• j
coming Pr csi,leatl nl election, &rah,aceor,l
Jnuge Minor refused the writ •P.Plicd for co,hun " •hen hn. ""ith hi• fncc nil wrinkle ,]
ing to the dcs(1atcb, intends to exercise th on the ground thnt by the couslltution or up with smil~ like flrrmp nn n hnr·hwlll'!IL
rights in question. Norwalk .i,u distln this Stnte the Selectmen could not legnlly t1'ncntrn. nncl one nrm rnmmerl into his
gulsbcd its elf by ' lhis revolution~
1tep ndmit Mrs. Huntington neaa nn ele<:l(!r,ata4 hrerrh PS urckit tu hi• clunw,-fmnt.iknlly
nnd in i·cnrs to come, when nil wome therefore their action was extrajud1c1al aa4 r,•nrhcrl n,•ro" Ill!' tnhlc with tt1e other,
vote, ,nil be lookrd hnck upon-b7 th void. Selcel!llCll hove no power to ch11oge /!rnhhr,l thr. fnir lndv hv tl•n hnnrl m11leonfadics, nt lcnst-ns one oftbe birthplaces o, tbecooslitutlon of tbe StRtC.
, ~rntulntP.11her, hon otttlv amt sc1unreJy, 1101111
libcrly . Bnt it is 1101Norwnlk that eng•ft
Mn. Huotlngtou nppcnls to the Suprem• t her o:onrl,11crc,;•. It i• snmtimc• s111mri1.i11)?•
our nttcntion; it i• the new voter · whlchi Court- Sh~ ls n good looking, intelligent , ' I~•. lten111ir111
tn ,cc th_e nntornl snrl,\in11r,;s
Norwalk bns "iv.en to the Unlo!k Of womoo apparently about twenty-two yean with which n rnt o:r,rs 111 nn,I n11t uv 111•hole.
course ns lhe cl~ction day drnws oeai;- ·th, of ftg<! 'hns ' shorp, but good-natured blac~ · llnt it ,lnn't ,vnrk 1roo,]hrrc. The hole nin"t
,'csire to .know how New York, Olllo or eyes ~nd duling the hearing beforo .JuJir• hig ennff. The feller with lite krcrrl cnvrc\
Illinois Is going will become lntc•;JbUl
!lin~r;she occu1iled !I seat near. the d~s~ and in ,if'llt Ilk• u,.,..rrst uv 'cm clirl, 11ndrr !h,e
the popufar c~citcmeot regarding !&OW Kr. watched tho .proceed1ngs with rnteuse inter, "1cllcs•~·cs ancl nrgnmcnts nnc\ there nm t
Huntington is likely to go will also raga· est. She Is evidently a womnn of much flO> much 11,cno cl•n:vlno: it: Only the rest uv
fiercely. From this time until elccti6n d&J'• t1be~ul•ntivcucss,nnd will, no doubt, teal the 1he f,, caved in nnct fnced the mn,-ic, nncl
mnthcmntical editors with II ponchaiit for mnltcr to tlte utmost before giving II up.
the Mier " ·ith tho kccrd, lio cnvcrl In, nnil
drnwiug up tnbles of prolJnble reaulto,
H. H. <Joi,rfM'. , is rloin' hi• dcmrl• -•t to itit ont nv it. Sum
whether of Greeley or Grnot complexlo)!,
-folks 1/1
thi• world nllers likes to be on the
will include Mrs. H. in thcirarrn:yofllgurer.
Much hns been snid of tho Indy (\lf!l, ,I si<lctbnt lick R.nnd so this £cllcr with the
On:? will s:1y in the conclus1on of Ri\1 ~nrnb'-Hu~tiu rton) who wns ndmitted to be- kcercl, wliro ho ~ he'd got strncldle tfte
cl:\borntc edit ori:111 "Our readers inay retl ~ yotct by tlilselcctmcn ofNorwnlk Conn, "rnntr mute. he ftnps rite around and ~cz:
assure,\ thnt glorious victory w!II p~::i :fhe rcgi slrnrs however, refused to pince :· J,'cllcr Cil izcn~. ~ dci_ccted t_o it de<:idcclly,
upon the banner borne nloO so vahontlf b:f I er onnr e upon' the \"oting lisls. She theo cm1•c In my 01im1on ti was IDRU~enzc
d by
our distinguished chieOnlo Gencrnl Grant~ ; , ,uc,I to •ud"c Minor for " mnodamu~ 11>low." Wnfl I this mny IJe sol Bu t shnkin'
By • reference to the lolJ\e it will be lloCiDP.\ ~/n cl th~ rce•istrnrs to enroll her name. hnuc\s with the J.1dy nnd eougratulntin' her.
"i; lance 111111
riot oolv is tho North, . Ea•!, At fhc hcorini of the cnsc Inst Monday 1 i• ono t\' ",t!tc nllfircdest sin~ulnrcs\ .Wf'YS.
n~ /
We st, nod South for us, hut Mrs. Bun~loi;- • Juu"c )lino• · refuse,! the wril on the grouna 11 we ever herd on. I his am t
Ion, the lo.dy voter of Norwalk, hns dectd~ I thnt" IJy the Conslitulion of the State th~ the wny men itinernlly do thin,i.'ll,nnw-dn.v•. ,
In our fav!lr nnd enrolled; herself ill tho ,clcclmcn could not Jcgnll.r, admit llrs. But the n it t!tnYbe a pt.'0111.,
·cr hnbit _which
army of l(OOdgovernment.
Huntington as nn. elector, nod therefore the feller with the kc<•NI hcz u,• ]us own
The Greeley men will proceed 111 thi,
heir nction wns cxtrn-jutl]liinl and vold, whicb we all don 't und crstnml am\ nJ)Jll'CSh• st1:Ie, Cotlrnge, lriends, Ibo ~kles are . brlghl• ~elcctmcn however select, hove oo power ! inte. We )top~ it ls, fur it ~in't l'"rticulnrl y
cnm:r. The Western prntrlcs ar(! on ~ to change the Conslituliou o[the State. Ota helthy to hve m n comnmm ty w ,ere knock- '
with cnthuinsu1 for Greeley. From lh~ 111e
other hnnd Mlss Su
ntl1ony in' n mnn clown with n brickbat is the fash•
wuve-wasbcd const of tllc Nortbenst com.., 13
. c
e<l n~ hnviog •
at list, 11n,1blcwny ttv invitin ' him Imm tn <li1mer
11 hngle hlnst of i,ood cheer . _The ~•t~
r tide! si,c hns so 10110 ee'n
ing, We ltnppcn ccl to sec the hull pr<><:cc<lin'.
j est
will assert Itself w11hnil Its old-lime dlpl~
~h':i'.rqrcc<Iher IJnllol irito tho box, yes_ter- "" it W"f· nnd, nccordin' to <>ur11osbu11,the
I~r01n the ornngc groves and the cotto -, ~:'v::ntRochcstcr, while flOeen o~ers bke- feller wtth the kccrd wns jest ns fllst fur the
fields of the si:nny southern seencr, Xi.
?1tcdfollowc,1 in her wakc ..a..1W/,u111. •••nmnn ns sny u,, tbc rest nv 'cm, nnd he
Greeley will walk northward, crowned b~ mi1>;
_ • ~•·
__ ••_ ... '"
n~ight n.11
woll cum out nnd own It. nncJsoothe
the gnrlnnd of over one hundred e\ecton.l
· "' •
• · ,
, l,1s trnublcd cousltuns. Tho l's jest \\:hat our
•votes. A. glnncc nl our toltlo offtirunt will
fiu,son B. Anthony nui,¥~
.P~11• rinoshu~ '"' th e thing is cxnetl,-nnd wo
show you tbnt Mrs. Huntington ha• declar· rcmo'i& voted nt Rochcatcr, "-'•t ; ,,;,..ucs • 1 l pa11sc for a reply .
Youni till dcth,
ed for Greeley.• Rlt:Jil nobly done, qaahlt•

.a ci•••
.. Tw .\Dt>LF..
uh\ village of rforwnlk, _Thy l(!fflt ,
your lasliNue, l
1.., ..~ ..~<laughter hos covered ltcrself 'l\"tlh gloi;t!°~ · .()i:t. !II, you ttaio that tbeTowa Cieri<made ,
-.A ctubrnnnicntlon 111 rcplJ 'lo Senator
dctnonstrut~d ~)curly tllut female • 0 ~~11 , - obJectloi:t. to a un1nimou1 admlulon. or, ~ .. N.'CCntnsscrtion 1hat II the sclcctme11



rWal'- ,i• J
' ·~==~~===?.=;==:==:=:;==;:;;=;::;=

- --









M. T. Hunt/nr.on to the, ~•-i:1) hid .... mo,·e 1·ight•to mnke "
~ :~•!t~~;:{~?
~:d• • f:!mi::.,~n~
ctcctoi- tba11 they had to confer tbnt prh-i -1
uuonthor• l~~onahorsc,"isrcceh
•cd toolotoforloscr ; ,
4 lttdln:
. • by Jaw
1100this ws-cl;. II will nppcur oar"""'

I -_ tc' or Sarah-" Before dlm,laoing Ila_.
iil1'1tj~ct we should like to give .our dYlc~
l.l\ .mll he In few word•. Be suro tuld TO
ror' Grce\ey electors, Mrs.:H., nnd In uce H
· mo1e l!<'-oplc to do so ns you ca~.




. . rwallr •Noi • 1 18'12.





1'own Clerk:.
. - __







0 1
~~~mo~t 'tJ!1fg:~
:~ .,$~ i1..~'I'. J~i;l II~~~
bQ nrimeor tt1ra.Huulio1too on the vot•
psuy with her IJusUan.J.,pn:scntcd hJJ~lr a£ .
.o dopo.f!ltcd with the Towa Clor'r.'».ra. tho th ir<l district. voling- pluc{J, on T-ur:,dar,

.16 .



appUcd to .Jud,re llloor . WI onflior
: e:~~!


n b ~nc b
in tho cit~~
A womon has been adp,it•
led to Ilie privilegu of on elector of Connecticut, and the event is boiled by the advocates of women suff'rn1>-ens tho beginning of
the cod . )lrs . Sarah ~I. T . Huo•infftou appeared before the selcc•men of iiforwolk
and claimed the rigl,ts of citizenship undc;
tho XVth nmendmcut, nud in an ar"umen•
npon the merits of the question convinced
· the board that her right was as good ""
that of U,e colomd men, and Ibey voted
unnnilnously to admit her. She was nccord,ingly sworn nnd ln•end• to vote nex• Tues."ilay.-N. JI. Courier

::!a~:~ ~for°:nJ:
0~ )rf~1:r,"~gf·l~~~ce;,:
A. D. Woodwnrd
and Jobu

uftcrnoon, t,ut h er Uallul w as no t rccch·cd.
'rhc qu cst;ou
the auth orit y or th e
istnu-~refusing to piuce lwr u:auc on th~ist.
after tho sclcctmcu hucl acce pted : ml issp.cll
"their ccrttficntc will be urgue<l
Su1>remoCourt of Error s in F ebrn:1rr ucxr."
I ; ~~
- lae •Wo:aaaia V"- ;







~:0~,~~ 'i1!

ucinnoetlcu&,women nro preclude4 from tho
tho elect1vo ·rrMDC.bJRC.aod, therefore,




'"l-'t4\/.t y l'Vl/

:::~?t1Deu, Mn. , llr · Sarnb 1'1. T . Huntingtou
:.nounccd by us Inst week, bad her casc 1
L1cowero tbo.aoro Jt1dMU111tbo ca1e,an<UIJ1lt'
; ,ugued before Judge Minor at Bridgeport,





1 1


:J!:f:Ord:{y 1.,:



Senator Ferry appeared for the Reglatrars,

defended 1heir ussumption of • right tq
1!:v~vhc::! :zb~:ir•~tt:n
,.,.. ably ar•ucd on bolh 11d...
go behind tbe action of Ille Seleclmeo, Ill
ienving her name off •he voting tis•, because


The net of the Norwalk lloartl in ndmiftlog lino . Sarah Huntington au elector is
one or considernblc conscqueucc BS n pre •
ceden•. No other woman hncl made application to be n1ncle in legul form; but, next
aprlog, we look ror n large addition of Frccworaen lo the Norwalk clectornle.


1ore nc,
:~~~ 1~b:t::e::ma'i1

act190 \n • extra-Judlctal and void, Selectmen
no ~,vor
to chau,te tbe Con1nlnt1onOl'
Mre. Duuttua:tou
apooal1 to tb ts Su•





a WODl3Uto vote \fAS contrary
the Constitution of Connecticut, and theree
" I •10 J'I SClr.. ff o' t?O•
'" j
nu )I :10<I VOil
•be further -ground •hut •o ndmil thi• .ae• 1
T3Jid, was
er.1powcr Selectmen of ..
town •o ftiter the Conslitutlon ol the Si!,te
. Mt.ilfl. W ·
w~rd & Perry appeared fot Mrs R, u.. d



O«Juple4 a-• near too d.._,an,t ,. 4 ,_
prooeellln,a wrth lllteDIO ,n1ore11. e~eN••• ·
cloatlt'a wbalao or muob ao,ahead-•U•••coo
Hd · ,rUI, no d~Dbt, teal tbo maltor 'to tho uC:
moo&llelol'!.ll•tnir lt up.
•iis•rd in quite leng•hy and logeoio$ arga•
FEIUL E vor£11.
.mCDtr-the chief point being tllal admltlhig
I •~· Hanu • td-• , -;,;-••"• .. , •he ~•men
•o l1nvc erred, the Rcglstsars
, v 0,
.. -anocend•d •heir po,,·crs·in re· v'·log
•~- Ille Prh· leg• • .
•a; or n• • b·""'...
ID the
r ••••-Th•11 •• 110 • •r '"" hie••••• ••- Selectmen'• action, &c. Their argumeDI•
•• •• tke PJ •••kl .. ,~•l • r..i
J"d 't ex•eod •o •he 14th and 1r1b
( l Dt,;
Bn,nuKroKr,'SoT.4, 11;:i. mcnts, aS' was generally etlpposcd they
I )1r1 . sarnh ~· T. Huntington, or scrwa1~. coon., would, but o:bly sllowecl how mu~li .may be
cut, beloap the honor of eo convincing the
.sai<linf 1,vorotfcmalcsuO'rngeoutSideoltb•
Selectmen of tl1nt town of her right to tbu an cl•ctor. upon ••" •cqu•n• app:tca- Constitu•ionnl a,~umeot.
vote ~
· · 1bo wna netunll7 10giatered.
It tlon to Ille r•1t.1tcn to hove her name put upou Judge Minor de,lied the mandamu• aub-8
~ tlte luw Jl,i·ovitlea that theso local ' tbe ,ottng'Um, th•• ahe might ,·ote tor Pr .. ld•nl, ••an•ially 00 the gro:inds sugsealed by Mr.
flmctionariil tiimst · bo couv~ccd ot: th~ iigbt 11
Ferry ttiat to order Mr.11
. B.'1 name to be p~t :
0~ Ul applicant to regiatr, .. !lrs . Huutin~n
se~,:;,:i upon the voting list wo'Uld ~, in etrect,
. did convince tbem of • lier ni;~t, nnd the won to Judge Minor, or tbe Sutiertor Court or ~rdeld permit tbc &lectmen to o·~errlde the Coosh•
.,.._ battl
under the Fiftoenth Amcudment ,J countv, ror a.wrltorpei-ewptory mandamu • to com- .
t . .
-.. ""-.\C·T~"'l'\
pel tb'e rerist cra to re-open the lists aud put her tnhon :an ll1ter 1to. Wt 11

. • ::
• .... -i::- -.-F-~......
.~ ·
o.t discouraged by
0 1
- .l,o<WOJUJJ:.'\'Oll'EII -Df. com.~~1- \ rert •tcn. l'Uen .. wosurtrucn IM:loreJud1eXloor, her rcbuJl's, presco•ed bersell at the polls
,:~r 1
Down Town on Tuesday, and demanded
cation or:lln. Huatlu,rlon a t a
• ud tlLat the b
t Of
~ b '1"'89refused
ro I.A• '"BfJ, •tor •·r 2'Ae rr,&u .tte, ... l l
1·egbteracouldn0Lret1tselea;a11rto put her name trrro
ovoe .
cour=,CB c
Sra. Old Norwalk loilg the Gibrnltnr of ~ upon lbe u.ia, 111dSenator tlorry, on the other whereupon Mr. B. called nltcotiOIII to •he
pBlt~ul1w tu
wWchwu carr1~ · bi ~.dw:8:~:~~•totb,,fe
Ute O~J'
pert7 at. 04~rooent.&owa,elecUoo, and "1114 :~~;~~ °,.';!~ J:~~e
::~~~~ 1:: H.'i purpose to bring a. new action agaiDS!
WM tlto-ani pt&cetn the Amerltaa aooord t~
••toa -1111t1lal•r tbe rcgl i;cc11, ou tbe r,ouad o our officials for refusing her vote, aa"d OD
rl&» ,al ·~~
-<c!.MP.OO•;_hu -.wl funller adftDOO
n1111utlonalliyor••• acllonor t e8el ~c•• •h· '"'. I' •o c rry It 10 the United Sta•.,_
an4 to-4a7actmlU:ff 141-an . cbe ~•
ot au etoctnr lln.
n. Hu11U.qtoa lmm ! dlatcly took au lflltat
18qnes ton
81nll It. T. B.Uil~'d;
·ne 1Af!J'appeared before tbe. to·
~~'~e~tllfg:~1~~~ea;r::r Supreme Court for floal :1<\judicatfan . Rbe1
Board el -.1men-Voun.
Joe. ..p, Hanford, •Andrew
apon a•oue likely to be su11a1Ded
by tbe hu received the proffer or gr~tuitoua legal
w:~ -~. r-~titOa, · and De?17 x ; 8e~
~wii- tN ~re'~~r v!~ 1
aid '.!)f entin(tnce in the profession, and lhe

Mra.;Muotlng•on, o( Norwnlk, Cl .,is•hc
onl.[_1&9.lo •he United S••••s wl,owill vote '
for 1'1:ffjdcntinl electors next Tuesday.
, la ardeoUy in r..vor of General Grant, while
her hu1band is t1ic other way; but tbnt
makes no dllference, ns she bns issued percmptC!')'
thAI under
no circumstances
will )If • orders
be pcrn1iUed
to ]cave
the how on election day ud ess nccompa•
nled by bis wife.-.'\' . Y. Com. Adecrl18tr.

,_,_. .
r To Mrs. Huntington of Nerwalk, Connecti-

I •"•·•••











~ ::,:;,pe6!'~~~~=~ii::~~~fi~~i:ar:ie~
encouragement of
parties ofmemns

Der ttpla. y -.trtiJo·or u.o Oanallcutioo or 111e
· Unlte4 • •••tot~• proceedings or the Court, attnct1111 oo• · ftueoce , It Is also stntcd that obe will be
S. ai,.umen& waa ••~ ..ao4 . lo.. ea!IT, ~~- 1 •t<1er1,,eutt-t!l2&'1· •
nided in lbe expenses of the undertaklog by :
_•e411yU.opleaUui&,lnU..:oplal•~ - I · ~
the Womnn'• Sutfrngc ABBociatioo,",t the
maol RenDU. tll • . 1,'!':.~~-11•'..~~-~lemp~ WOllf'•!
· \l)
t ,e .vi;.\~'4•
bead of which i• ll(r,. Isabella Be.,ber
. •oll•r• •Nra.H. -ooablyandd•-Tli<D~"!""!
LETTllab"om Conuccticut says:· 1 0ld
H k
fH •f< d
'\. .
00 er .,o
-,·t~ lbe lkmrd wuo forao4io • · ~ ' NOi"\Vnlk,
to-<lu❖ utlmi ttc, 1 roJIJJ..tl1erights
nr or ·
mituoJlldinloot,tt,;,tah•. 11•4 proved beraelf,.. ull7eo- , ol an elector Mrs. Sarah ~I:T,ffnntrng•
It is due to ;\In Buotrngtoo, tbat ,r
,.Ulled'lrlUI tile neirrool' to voto, ao4er tho lffleeD ,
ton, . '£h~ latly ed before the bo_:ml
should stll•c the fact that, in all this matte
~~~&, <!!!411<1--,maa8ulloclr ""mlola _
to lier
ol select men and town c!crk, th e ofil~,als
wblcll bas c~used such widc-sprend no'llie--,
oatb, and lie• ._
waa by ln~ rcqmr cd to cx:m un c.aml admit all
If Ith •rue
'i,i 'lllil Town Clerll·•(lie •~ ·•• 11n, u
JMlt"S<l 10 lega lly .,,titled
to s1tH"ro"e , an<! •or,ety, she hns cpor Ic
crse w
· alilplly..n,1-•otor . .,,(•0&111!111
.- now,.. •• ,., . tl~m· tied l1or rff!h(s by ,·iru\c of 1he conwomanly grace nod modes•y, though with
.~Y'?'P•• 11:!.t/l~
rP,IIIIDC.e\ooUon,u ·•be,leNNJa&elT • st 1tut
Ofl1 cU 111
tet!S t:!~~1:, _Hernrgu~
tbe proverbiBl y;oman 's pcrsevera.nce and
•1~tto do..••T~n• Konrola will bo eoUlle4 to She m
, .mcl ~oa,lcl gri• 01tr Selccllnen too who were at first
. ., . "i,ii,ei..•Uiolra& ' plaoela ' iillT"Btile.t tbe oil!
•, 1swe
y th e plcatbo t 111tl1c

' .

.bein..-mllle4 '&ovole, and opin u-'of 1J1os t per aon s. th e law 'dld n ot so •!>uudly berated for •heir aet,011 lo tM
·Jni.U..o, u&aerl•
cont cm llntc wome n s votmg .~ )Irs. llan.
01auer, lun·c received the •PNOhaUon of
:..,.. oiiiaen. yoan
e!Mlloo tington - kbl y '!'~·ex
ron sly lm ockc'<l
legol geu•lemcn and others who at Ant COD•
·lPl---u.•:X- d
aside,tlic 1 ·t1~¥! t
H} board were
. • '
, •~
. ~"
: .
foroo!" to h "-"' · 11 ous ·u<l~meht tha t 1<1emoedtllem,nol1'tbattbe1r•rueposlt1on11
she hud ·p •cd her;c lf_e<111afiyr~nti tlcd
understood, " ·bich was solely to give
,al\lMl'JillHI ~e7 ._
w.., _4'aledllle P........,. 0t rsr with negroc s to vot~ ,1rnfor t1 1t! F(ttc ent)t
H .tbe•opportunity to coo teat io the courts ;
o-.,eir_to•? -1, ':.~ 8Lale. Sa~ue_,!I~
Amc ntl9.)cnt, aucl Sclcrt i u :\11ScllJl.-el; ntl' _
, •
· •
ed She
able •& 1a~ere .~0D1lrmed&lie1e,sapit o1-.aaeuo~,
minlstc;t:$>1 td'11c r :h, mi:rry rr4c 11uw\,
~ r1glt«s of c1hzensb1p she cl~lm ,
,to -~,•-~e'!!" o.,th ~: r 1l1111
u M>1·as h LI•.~ tl~ •tow11- h w3ivengoodenmestofherabilltvaoddc•

lll,l,o• 09-11117•V&aDIIL
c .er · n ,un · >
· ·'

-.foation to carry er c atm to t e lri IL
1.Oo&.lll .112.
-· •• •
·1 lc•!all~ g1 t . vo er. 'J'hn s
rw :alk
b I C
. ~
\vufbee tlfJetl to the <listinction being nnl c.." resort t "!' ere tie w o e on~ •
-Tke wenld• :<i~ Wo•,.,; 'f'••~~
:.~• ,::!'•• Lhelk'!t~la,ee iu" :rny _Slatc of t~ _U.~ott tional ~t1011w1llbe dcftnitlvely decided .
:: ~A,1cl(1-~
IU!t•P• 0 ••••
wherU !l female. hus be en i><:rmitled to"~~
.. .: ·'- \ · · - ..... -. ~.,. .
,mu advanc ed •o all the ngh ts and pnv1•
· 1"•.JJlla.llt to lie •••e.
:J.TO• IA• Zrtdve,, ,t1 standard ; No•. ,. J'f
lcrrcs of nn Am erican citizen. 'l' wo years
ct that 1he Bo:ird of Selectmen Gf.,
•Tbo toot: ~li<>tthe Board of Sofectmcn' of
:•to Inst April, our Stnte election O~llrred, ,
lk bod ndmitted a woman, lo the per; ~
!.v ~nra1Iraa4n<l:Dltted•t> ......... , IU•lboperaon
JUSt ns tile ))assage of the F1nccnlh
. Mrs. Sa_rah M. T . ~I•!nllng100, oftbat .
Mn. Barall 11.T.,HUDtln«ton. or tbni pl•-ee, to
Am cmlmcu t w:is promu.lgntcd, nml our
.. ., to the r1gllt and privileges of a.n clec\ 0·rt b& •4 . rlYll•ROO
AD olootor
IJ;O<• bQnrd orlmlttcd ncgrocs to vote, "ltbou~h
to ,has been puhllsheal C.r nod wide, and
• · "' :; ·.P 4 14 011tnd tbiaocltoa ~f tbe th ey were deniccl· the privil ege in evc>r
y t I nction of the Belectmeu wns regarded .
pbbll1bc ar an "' ••
tb r ludo
oth er town in Ibo St~te . Subsequent de07, ns the prelude •o "tbnt "more i
eeloriuuou ••~ reprded by many~ .... 0.P .e
! cislo ns of ou r :tb1cst lnwye rs confirmed
I era" when women everywhere (
fqor0 0 ~ 00
B~ ~ o lcgalitv of Urnt nctlon. " ~ \ ,I
ne permitted to vole. But 1 se~ms
tlJt\ •elecJmeDln tb11

• •
- •













:g •or:.~i~

hh.li111;tmeanf furo tiull,&th

Do tu udcr.s11111dthcnrto!

i~ \_;,u

ato r ~h

l . ~ l•li


i~landthore offe re d to l:\kO and sulMcri: (' th,--:
'aud umcnd• or.ti: to i,:;u
pp llrt' th e Constitution ,1f tht""
,; ,:•; :~1~\'~ ~:~
,--,i~~~\;,~~~:~ {:~i:!
United ~tate~ nnt.l o r t!1e S ~to or ~li s:So ·
1:~~~t,J o' I!



l cu1utllulion ~,


l'!.1:i ncr:t

b)· th.-: N'glllratton h,w of ~
:,pprov,1\l )b rch 10th 1S7l and f'\."- ler z1of con"'rtltulation flom l:l<lies an~\ gcn-i
'! :: ~,~~~
sarl~t;. Sp!=CU11Uy
nrplici to Mm to be regi stered Iii ~tlCUlt?ll int:restc<I in the cause of Woman ,
~• -lawru: \'oter, which ~11
id ~efencJ_ant.t~en . Sqfl"rag~
. Among otlwr.Bnrc the r.,~lowiug ~
t. Aue.Ilur rc;:i s1r-.1rs,111
cJ m111cctorslu and there .• do.
' . Cromt" o of 1hc noted \"tomcn of the ng~ :tJ~tu cha111!U
111S :11u ll·~i;.l u.1io11 is o nly
The plainbtrfuriher•t&tcs,
that the defend ..•
ll.1.auo ap, uet . H, 157!,
b1:r prool o l unjusL iut crpn or ctur ... ant; well knowing that she as• citizen of [..: Dua ll4Hv:.-r~rmlt
me to e:ui:i :ual:ue yoa 00
011d 111c11:1ni:11 uud 111uiatlm1111
"lrJtlon oC th
l1 't -·
&11 :la .\ m.crleau chi
.'' ou t\Ju 11Jrt or 11rei:cut ofll..:c-buldcrs
m 1:u ._..,
,._...,,tan~ o t o ,;i,t,ate o• 1 bsd ho d 1O
p10l'('Dh.'II. 14ct courhl, lCL!l
ela1Ul'('8 nnd 1011ri.rt?sirl1mt n.i at't>f'
e3fLid. was then and Uat f:!1cc1r 0 4 ~ot~
mr;•U;t tl:e comlllf prc 9I~eo
icl1,atillcs dhpl:1 cc th eec 1m•jud1c~d place•
l• -~
. .
1" , 9
:i1o or epreJcul4Ur~ from !bl
uuµriu ciiilr c.l J>Jht'cmcu who t,,,r Um I ore ont J91.1
to all Lhc prl\ ·,I~
Md 1mn1u..- dl1trlct, b11t onr sc :ectmeo, tb ~a:h tu f•,·or 0
or co 1l"J t1cc 10 11ic rt·pul> km1>lc ond r1iLitHor;hip, t•hiuf among which it 1•••111
·1o•1ToUug (alJ bat one), Dad not th o eourace to
out~, 1U:: 1m1urul a.:o\·crn o~ " ol muukiud. thr, elec th-o fmn chi~r. ,,nd ~ eud , WM en• admit il.111Dftr and my •elf, 110111,.ome1~:t•lsUYe·
ul:.!:bls u~u 1 w 111, wukl'IU.•d from Fht>p l>y ' deJ
ICtluDbaa prepared tbe \l':ly. l :im .,.lsd Nor 1,f
loud uh .":tund c-01u 1,h1iul& or n wo 1111111
wllo ti
to b e reg 1ilo r~,l, in o nlt!t to c1crc1se ahtad of ll:lrttord bat drc 4dr ll .,
wa •
14 11.orr, lbat IJsrt•
lo lhc &tallou •buu :;c
a prh-il tlgc: -Jcl., unlawfullv in~nding,
dN •. ut
t • ·111chm:.i11,
uud bclu~ J:,rcu\lV dlsturl.lcd
t. .
. .

Q • orwa

pirit, 1 rt&l~cled 00 the true Ellu :uioo . con . nv1ng And tle:i•~•tung to deprive the
~111.J.o'\ ttll JA! bow I.~ea:ne abont.-tap!laltc~
.i poor woma n b:1d no \'olt'C In the electi on plauatilf of s11id franchi to o r privilege, · theu
e1ectl,. .daJ_Corwbo.m yo11Tote~, aad buwyo~l
1,cht•i"u th ,1 ,• 0111.u 1 h l•1111llct1 t,nt , 1 llic

or nun, dllh :r l'1,·11 111·poll.h.:01:

•H reqmred'& ~,










1 1
~~ ~1:~;1,~~c~
•~:.:~ ti0

and · th ere kn owingly, wilfully, m1lfoieU1ly
to pllk"Chcr..llaqlc upqd • Nee.t '(later we will be~ot1:c Coagrc, ;, ltld wlo
,·oten, whercbyab o wu l tllt ¥'• aad tbea. we wlll m,ke Elizm&tpa Cad~
tmblcm! Jt1ir-ticc is u.wayaa wumuu. aud 1r " deputed or her right to vote.
fo 1eu. Wt u1a1t bejtln tbo nu t
)lry ls n:quln:d, 1~ mcu 11iretummoned to trr
Defendant. ·stated. to plaintiff, that she WU cHtui-r wllb )hdam Wat hla,:ton at t-bebaad:aad
• CM
E<',uol 11J,.uy or her peen. 'l'biuk of it nil 110t entitled to be r~•riste rcd, or to votei be- tom ~oCber 1J1tcrs ta tbo cabto~ !· aad a :ood many
ad foi low 11cr1l1rou;;rbthe reorrut oh:bL aud
la both bo1uu otCoagn:11. Dou't 70a tblak FOt
1 u
flPllo"·lug duJ s. ob &Dotbcn ol the Rc1,ublic. CAll!CI o WAI not a m~e
c1t.u~tin, ut •
Trul 1 ours
know that It m11iy be )'Our dunabter woman t ·

~1 111~~

uU fiud uo wom:,u there to e.~!c ber RdTice and ~rruptlyrefllsed



other time. 'l'llla womaa, wbose cries oud
Jll'utltnc:s ilartJecl the, and touched

.-oietb :iu oue 1uolbcr'1 heart wus
1'"ettbaby11nd • uh111occut. !l,lrt; and
•ot now uud ,h:.111
uot. kuow .•Iler tri al
hmoceot still.
C. A.
_l)STaoll' Octobcrt4 \.1Eil.

, is- 'till ! ·


t 'IRCl!lT

· .

. ._

That by .tho conshtut.10n 0CM11~ut1L •~·ttcle

• nl,..1.Bu. cun




o. , ,
•• iioo; IM· t.rul bv the ·atoreu.Jd reg,,t.raRoouuuu..No,..11 , 1s.2.
\ 1
; 0 1 0 ·'JS
\'.'edMa b tOlb ·\ JhDn1Mr.1.U 1.i:.:Y
1soYox.-lrt-Jo l~to1Njoar
hut ~bo
:ui • ts c, Ap~ro - ·• re
I ' attea:apt to -,ote la olclConnectko t. Sappoac4Jlrs.
I". ~.
18.1, i\ r• pi ·,,v1ded And ucclan,u, that on J Booker waul fl do il1'ewlse lo lbrtford. -Oopcdbu.o• ·
:--Jft.'\lc-citixC'!nt" ot the United Statew, .tc., .
or womeD lbroai;:bout the co1otr7 wotiJd


oucu a

!; " .



~u: t~e



·• _ake t~e llltempt,batthHfsru•ao

plOtoJti, ~in•!


,ucH ·

CO.. &,~111o!t1~•d she doc)~"" •~•I ~1&1ntain1thd

arereport Cd



---•• bere, 11 werFreiloter~db tile '1th w•rd, I
ratbtHllta • dllntbe,lh-refoHd
lo tho 11t, lcl


th~~onst ,1tul14 m and regis•
L~ra&.i?"'"lawof -lli,;.wuri aroNIMid, 6!'8in ~n• 1 .ch, Ttlt a.d 1ot1t. Oar city bu 1' w:ud,. Tli..111>:•a
ST, y,01111
IA . 1ftJct.wit'b.·111d N!pugnaD, to tho coh1titutlon ' '" womeD to soot or ••• 1' word,· •.\lt D>P.l
.. •
UnitcJ Slalt.o•.which ii paramount lo
Id er, -•d tht l"!!hout tho 11lgb10,rprecoiicoil'
V1~1li1.1. ' ~ ll"'oa J.'!ID Pauctsllmoa,
,...., .. peciallJ ,.,110~ . Tho vo••• or tbo,oof tb11'1baud•l-1'




·11.-sruPiHA,."'lf, PL.U5l'trf"

in ...

,.Jl i l".t'&UI.TT, 0El'XND4~'T ,



The plainti•, Virginia L. Xinor,(wilh whc,m· Statn« ...t'ti wit:
.J:;J<>iaedhorb.wibaml Francis llinor, u requir- i rt . 1. S1'C. 9.
~ by.the .Iaw9f JI 1swun) ~ !bat 11ndforthoI h
1· 14 16·
and law
Kiuoura , all pehOns
,pilbing to vote •t any election m\llt prefiota,t, · luwc been registered, in,lhemanuer

, . , . :t.


1,oln.&edoutby l&w,U111 being• co_nd•~on
to the nen:lle of · ._ elective


' f


ta9 Age o t";'nt)-one

TM.ton srudd"y, tbcpl1:unt1ff"wss f\ re,1ddnt

,. ' ·

·•· The!;olt"h"'"•

havan~ acc:cplol the Nld . 0





· ,,..




l'OWD,O r a:1!,0~
can or,a. o gou~r•meat.
aall •n Iaa.btlla Be~•r HooHr 1of Hartford
'fh ~'t eon.•~il~llina 11n1lthe 1-:w•.. 1 auU •JO• ,,, aepaltllcan pa~n re,Ortt1?: _



->f I.he ln ut eil St.lei

wh,cl1 t ~t.ao4


l ctatlc, lroa .-,tel& yoD wlll 1N we ban

law 01 , 11. liln,l •n,~



.. _

ft.,{. "'

. -



itt.~ te et.'e ff Stat e • 1te,--1tli•


••onnly l\nd State .tore,ud.
TbM on ~&illlast mentioned <l11y,tho tk•
fondant. ha\•in: beei i duly nd l~gally c.p•
ointod lte2illtn1r ·for Mid elCCiinn di stri ~t..



ull )lrkll• ·~•!:I &bat= '.1D,1&totnctoutlfwl•"' ·1••"'°11g•.•
t·11_:,~'!.,.. ~!f;
11114If nba.-e • ol :alrud 7 eaoagll'
ll! ie~e '°1r11~~t~f('S, .
· :
... a.-~sett~
n ' Nltl1parwl1bndwll

· "'

H . ~..



ee oC R_c,;u;--


Lo ..
nd . ,; ·
aml c•l110t.\i
or St.
ms. 1t
a.19 • •. ':J. ~.
tlion 1uul t.berehi l'Jdutyto regi1ter all c1Lurou11.
n, ;id.ont in Did ltistrict as aforesaid, f.tnt it!,~d
·e fn1nchisc, who mijc!,t •J >plv' t,,
1,, the cl..,lh

him for \hi\\ purpo ,e.
. .
Tho plaintiff further slalte•. tb t wi;h1111

1Q i• diacuue4


•- •.





1;, _, ~ ,


Ba1UJ1, 7oatt,
• • sea.a B.
-~ ;; · •




· --



., '(he Lllch1leld Enp,i rcr.iu ~~ extend~
1,_~riu)u ii~all lw • • • • t)e. i'r~~e ...
w of our qocquol Lcg1SJ:it1v.c rcpre1 .
"'""'' of hre , m .. nyoq,rop,
cl tu nilvooncy ot the colling ct a
ffty, 1'"ltt.out tNO proee11 •f ' 00
.. l
~~ 9na convent on, concludes tbys:
'l'IIP.~11.u1a ,,• l• tlle CoDllbt••
'"""'• asiac from th<' system of mi,r~J)N1.lon ,,c .,, ri,tata,
1 ie1~tion th;tt pr ~vnils in bolh Hou ses ~f tll_e
111()5be ,:..:tnthved ,,, dear or.
Legislature, there other coostituhonol
troubles 1bnt pres• for amendment . Th e
"'" Mala..S . bJI Cai,ltol nui•oncc, which ,;astes the time of


l •. All .JMm,, 1,. 9 bon or u1aniuae4
our 'represcntntivc~ c,cry year, is very llkc•
In th e Unll~ l Sca&a, aad &!ii,..
to resuJ! ; In tho cnd,._m ,1 worse a1ntc of
Joot-to the Jurit1UcUoa ca-..
I o people• money. We trust tha.t n con-- .,
slltoll~oal convention would muke our ex:A
oi ; ar e citlaea • ot tllle Uliltiii ' ecuJivc somctlliog more tb:in t}\c' i:perc


. ~ ti;~ Lif::
~wit: No
Marke, street , in r-ni.:!


~ l'.(tn,;11tut.10_11i or laws uf
tt.ny St~t c to tJi.t.icontrui:aot.•
with 2tanding .







:1:.rl !~un1U~otelllz

the ciiy
,wl ?~untyof St. Loui,, i? _the_stat~ of . Mi s- .
pnar1, antl had bee n ~o rt.-stU.1ngm st\1d c,,unty
.ut. ~~,111delection distri ct, f.,,. U:o entire p,>,io-l <>£

twoh ·e month s an d 111<1re, 1mm ...-u1at.e1y 1>rc~
ce.iini? nid d.ftee ntl1 d•J of October 181:!.
" ,.
rl,r more t11M.twenty yeaN h!ld bo•!t: :l :1t.l
lt, A ta.1 .n,,a,~jn.. Jaw•abi •ling citlz e 11 ct' thG

· r-·, "'

of tho Unitt,il •~••
for we vaitt4 and salf them dlltrlbutecl la
~~e ten~ 'boze,. Oar papcre 4re dl1taHh1.r, '!,!o
w1doll ,ko lar1•11tl1M .,., Bill r,!'
con, fterJ da:
b • - ··
J now hope yo11 w 111 peuenre au.. ~c
•• \l .• ~i11~
er. lllh:t.\l00 l~•
· asatua&JO'H l1tpcclor• ud Judgct of eJccU~:
So tst.,t, . slu1•11 ,,...
vf IUll atoacedo 10 agstnit ours wbo rda•~ .f.we
At1.11iatlt!r,or g1'11M•1 1t' l..c1••Pieiltbt abl•lt coaa t tl or western Ne"w~York"

'I'~~ u-~~ility.r
..-L S t . h II ,·u41~l,:j1or,~rJ11d:e1,C?alook to: latotbeqQ~
1cc, t1en.-Jo ~\a ct :1
Uoa,dtll!ar• 011r,po,ltl011. taa1blt . lte11tbtmaJI


be t"Rdtlt..,_


\It 11\eenthda"ofOctober
on e
( onoofthe:da'-·•tlxedb'-"la.wfort

tlon of ,·~ten ) and 1on~ ~r1or. ~nr rch.J: ::\:r
wManati, ·o bom free wh1td c1t1t.0n 01 ifl ("
United Stalct. and or th~ St.Ate oi lli~ :uri,
l\n(\ on tllo day lMt m"ntaoned, sbtt wu '-'''"r


icL wiLh the r.,llowing articles


" ~

il•y law, t lbe oppo1ot~cot qf commissions sh.oulcl be



wblch sMII abrld1•t1oe1>lll'I• - glv~n tp _\lle go1ernor, >n<! holf Ilic 11elly
a,,...or , ..... ailleAotaltlaeM • barg;,lning tli:lt lengthens anU " ~oakrn~ our
:: O f4 :
ot Che Ullitetl stata . ior •1 leglslath •e sessiona sboulcl be ended forc'\*er.
• ~ • o
~ uy St~ e deprlH ••T
Tb~ onl.r. C0'9id<:ratlon 1bnt ar oll rccon• .
pe,.,...of life, llberti ·, or cllef ua-10 n P?•lpqncmcnt of reform Is Ulc
property, wl& proccw
fca 1itb1t tbe lime bas not yet come for the
otla..-; aordeof
ponoa ad!IPIJOD
. of nny adequ~le plnn of mlnorily
. ~
,rltbla Ito ;Jvlldle;tloa, tllo iepre~~!l>lion and 111,1 infinitely greoler,
to -eJ.UreiiChPr ""privilog.) ru • tit.h~•rn of ~!;Ii 1 -t.'<lll,t protectloa of tile ~
1 ju1~r reform to wbicll Repub!!c:1nia01 mUst
Gnil8!\ Slate , , and vote ro r 1':lo,·1or• tor
The FllilDt!t',ta&eo, that bJ reuon of '111;8spoil ~omc-Womnn •SuOrnge ,
Pll! •ident ,.nd Vico l're , ideut ni' ,tlll, ,Uuitc d wron:;ful .. t of lho dofcndant a. llfo~
St!\tUi, An-1 Cor • Kepre:;ent.,ti•e fft' 0 0111:,'T'
.:, •iii ..hM~been damiagcdin. dio IKUD 'tea .
anciforoth i,rotll cor., "'the<¼ oMr:11 ,:Icet,on thoullM<;i
dollan, for .which lib" pr&JI Juda',
held in ~ u,·emb e." 18;2:.-W hile •niJ <l
_ ,:==::=:::--: - ,, §"!!!!!'' W$• 50 ICljp,tu...Be,ri,t,~,,_~,....
Joll.'<M. .ltat111. ......
for ~ ..
• •,
r .
. ;• Ibo a1, ,o,.:-cd b,,. , l~c•
Kur -- __ ~ .,,,.

:i ~ ~








'/ .
• •


, '. ' .











.,,l.z_~ •




, -'\ /



In tho oii(htb ward ODO or two '•light di •tur•
bucea took place. Jebn Ueg~n. WH arreet~
e4 by one Jo£ lb • Uuitod Stau,s eleotion mar•
obal1 for 1nterforl• J< with a colored voter. Ho
1'U \al<o• to jail but afterward • jreloa!od.
A& Ille eleventh ward polls, altuou~h tho
orcwd wu lar,;a nearly tho ontira d&J'
4i •or::• th~•£ elev:::h!aetl:;



dl1ordcriy claslCI. the aood order at Ibo poll

Of .111010wbo bad voted, all but o
• •terdoy 1B everywa-,, creditable lo tbo ward.
·~ Toted for OJI.ANT,'tbo ezeeptlqn of co11ne
The moat novel incideui or the day wu wit•
going for .GDELEY ·.
ne•od at tbo oigllth ward polio. Hero 1lxtee11
The l"aru •r -W•M•n R• ·•l•terla:i: la I Webavenotatpresoutwritloi;be1;rdfrom
womon voted, tbofu.••I boiDI lliu 8u• an B.
J;l&ltt _la ffa•

, Anlhony, wuose votowu cbailo • ged, bat •ho
Boonana, N. Y ., Nov. 4, 187:1. tenid, bnfwo pro •nmo that an ell'ort will be tock tbo oath, aod her ballot wu thoo rcceiv•
Eus . U. & A, :-The Jnspecton o[ Election made In them to have the vote • of tb•
ed. TbOMwllo ume !• tor voted • uq ... ttoaed .
In tbc Eiahlb Ward • re no doubt learned Jnrlsh
Jadin takeu.
As far• wo loar • ed, tho10 ladie • wore aub•
and profound •tateomen. IT••• they road Ibo
Twe11t7 7ean ngo to-d:17 llllss A!CTHO:<r jeoted to no iaeulta or rudoaFiClee• of
report oflbo ludlcla,y CommltteeoflbolIOll •o bop.II the • cttotion of Ibo woman IIDlfnp
tb•m voled for Grnnt and \Tll10•, andoao for
0 0
'" ~,
0~ 01
petition of Victorin C. Wooclball, Sunn B. An- betwoon \jlat dutant Initiation ot t1i11•tns• . mornlug, • aad
tho rost aartc,r
thony et , al. claiming tho right to •olo under • 1le and ber"°°"H
tbla morninc a• a h •pff
aflornooa. la tile Aral and thiri wat1i1 ae.-eral
tb& Htb • MIIClmenl t They reported that 8114 omen for her can •e.
IN lee who bad l>eenl
re,1,terod aUomptod to
' • mendmeat pvel J etn no rl&bt to vole, and tbe 1 We esp-• neltberaPs>rOVDInor dl • appro- _
balw•"' not, allewod to do••·
Boooe adopt•d U.elr report by a .-011large m1,. ' vol of tbl1 aotlon, Jr lt 11 eon • tltlltlonal,
· "l'he worker • at tb8jpells la Ille -••d
Jorlt7. Tbe Cong!' ," or Ibo United States did wo bell"'9 · It will •to\ill_; If not,. ii will trlet of tho aiatb waid aot an e:uaplo whlob
not, bowner, ron111lt tho lnapoctora ot Eloc- proballl7 be 1on1 before
ladJo• will IUCI" ea,.bt to be llllopt<lde.-erywh...._ TIiey ~lion of the El11hth Ward. Do tboae learned -4
!• oarr-,,IDC tbelr point b7 _a deDnlto !Uat •••- •Ide ah~ultl uao moao7 a& tko polio
~•nllemon aloo underatandlhot Busan B. An-rnteontbenaeoUnn •.'
andaefarae weo • u lean*•

thony'e lnterprctatlon or u.ld amendment gt•e•
~ "f't(.. .. _,. .., e,
}- ~
minor& tbe rl,i:bUo .-oto aloo? She
N ~VV""v
-- --·
· "- I"" •• ~- \....,




;,p 1 ~Lbl



~b• ncODKR,tulate tho lad~• Oilthclibipplneu, and tho 1uceet1 of tbetr endeaTon to
r:aercbe what . bu heretofore bee!l could·
,en,d c:aola•l..-el-,, tbe male prlvllea• of
· :11.1•,A=o:,r
lnformc _d 119 tbat tea . oz,.
elewl!l l:lclift . bad alread-,, Toted tu "'tllj_
El&)l&h W~
tborc weruomeallf•
teen Jadl .. ' ~o • real •tcre<l in that W~,
there wonld • prcbnb)w bo that nu1Dber·

7· I- ~





: ~!!'."i~':!:~:::!







0"'"~:i1,8""; :~r




to aex, Ki'HI her tbe ·r g ....
•o e, 11 aa1a
wonlo ,ay nothing about age u a quallftcotlon,
eo theao Inopecton ebould ban - reglitercd all
the ehlldnn In Hid wnrd u they too are ell!'
,en • of tho United Ststeo. But, Kr. Editor,
thla hi • JOlle far eno111h, Tben are law, of the
United Blatff and State ol New Tori< to punl1h
e1ectlODofflcero who receive Ulegol TOies ~ ' •
tbeae ID01I ihould be mado to feel Ibo law If tbo7 1
recello any am:b ned Tueeday,
You.n, Truly,

v· 101:-oR
· ·y





I! ·


• ·· ·




't }.

L\~l \,"._(\.'..0\~- \\\\(\\\ ~.


Paox TH DllnOIY PosT,

• lo

••-n ...

To Ille Editor ol TIie Doltoll Poot:
of the D-,,-1..
l&D' • 0
.IW 'I.Ur
n~on Can- I . ' a::~r:~~i~:•~J\1~-~~~~~
ea:,·1udmwltmale !."-..A.bN.lcam Lln«>lll,M

•· •





/ REEIIO CJA'il.l £LIC'l'D.

•· 'J'hc mortale11Leucmr nnto kaowlcda:o and that
whi ch batb done tbo grcu.t~at
· txt'Cutloo aDOQtn1tb
ln1LIIbr cn II pcrcm11tory adti ,., 100 uuto AULhorhy
aa,1 morol'tPC<"iBIJy Tho ei&ab 1,-hlu g ofourbeltei'
Jf.:~,!~e d1chUC1tor n1.1tJqu.lly.".:...s;r2'~

.,zen1hlp nn more carrlc1 tho
rli;bt to .-otothan It clltrlca the power to lly to
Willi lb P. numhrr of JZllllr.tntret: ind the
. !,be 1100a. If ll did, women would hive bad
OflJJlWBEJ.M(NQ tunuunt
vi t•\·1u~••!•·c "'h.,ch wom ,,o 1"JD brlog to
jolt U.o ...... right to .-01.0
before the adoption.
csluhli!ill h•·r cmxcu&lllp, uo mun would heal•
h,1e for l~ 111
01ucu t to carry 011}·ca!e before at
of tbo fourteenth • mondtnonl that tlloy hive
jury, or rnto uuy U nltc>rtSrntcs court• 11ndno
"P! : for thOJ were cltl1ea1 bofo,., u we,e
up, i~bl Jud![..: would rh:k his rrputntlo:,, filher
•date cbUdrea,
Pl a malJ or u juri 1:1
I, U}' mnkinl( a dc i.:i:;lou nd•
J:ven molo cltlzcn,hlp doc, not CIIIT)' the,wt,t ~
l'CrEU to b i:1 inll •rc>S
tP. Lollk nt the &lmplo·
facts, let u1ooc U.1ciutrie!ll'i{,; of law :
to vote. Tbu,, In the Slate of Rhode ~
is iucludcd uod rt:mem•
which 11 kp11b)lcat1 by two to one, mal~ eltl•
btnd where hC'r uro~ ~rt} Is to Ill•, or eun be,
•••• of &to Unltocl 8l •te1 and o[ P,e l!bMI,wbo
Cf' llUII'\' dhlrlcls
WlJl •n : sh e CAQ!
wu tk on ti.Jc ro:1tlj o: c 1>
11tr!1Julc to loc.-al Im •
""' no4 native bom, are denied the electl .. bu- 1
clllN, And M tho'Woodbnil wo___
l)ro, ·l•mcut ~. Enr, ·wbl•fll lhc lu,, tukea co•r1.1
iz 111re of h \ r uc1s, whi, ·h may bu Eub, ·crsl;'B
I,ai,low • tnot J•II la Mew Yori< for the oat TIit lep1lll1111 fl11did1&111 1111
or J.tOOllorLll°r, out.Iits ull mlu ls tnitors 11nd 1,0- 1
ob• ceao au dl"'°"tlng pllblle•llon tW over
~~~ h~l~t
J~ \f
llloek~ an1 community-and llllu Ant.bon7,lalin
uuuuds n,·d dcm:1:1tls11rc&UUl•
• u odiel'li potl\loned the Dof lie~
t-il'ut , lu my 01,lulon, t o (5:.lulJh:b her cutlro
. taU-,
m• lo eltlzcn1 of Rhode l •land p<>ri!!ht to urot <"ct h rre t•lf h_vlb e h:11!0'. SluJ ccrn.
tllloilod the United Hlate1 Senate, • nd'9re IJl ••l
o,aly 1,rottct herWf by C1,jo!Ji119
tile 6'Jmt 2J01
,·l9!tt • u11uthc1· citize111.

a--4 la u elaborate ~rt from tile latlldu7 J
.A uel 110hone s t juri s t or omecr or !ho Oov• I
\ Committee of that
&bat their cltJaeublp '.
crnmcut e:in, on 1i:ft:-:c uou I.iii to ret1cb iti i'o
of rtibt, w~•er,
umt concJ11
lou. Th e oulr troublo Is tllcy do
I to .-ote or to e:i:cn:loopo!Wc,,l fanctlons ofan7
not ocecpl th e t' \'ldcucc uud fact~, b~ID!.!thht=r
dlElwn r~t or 111 tcrh • bliud,•d bv pn •Judice , • ntl
. The "prlYlio«o• and lmmnnltlea of cltllic\llcd d,1"'" eo cJCt'l) lo the 1Ul8 or l·U Sh• I.U
u HU u ...Uoaed la see. 2, art. f, aod. aplD
tlrnt thcr urc vc r:cct h · mired \lud uu ahlc 10
1, an. u, of tbo Conatltullna of the
rise lnto 1h l! 1111110:;plttrc
or clcur rcai;i,u uto1J
noucour01 milv.
Uallecl·lllael, reler le ri..U rlgllla, llo4 to p,11_1Auy cun urcll mon would ~orn to b~ di!~·
wl prt.nilpa. Tho civil nJAII •f tile elU.. .
abl• d 01i,1 c11s rru11cl1
i:!cd t,y u. hoary custom tu
.... ullanl. ahooluto, • ad equal. Tile Jll)llilcOI Table
cuntr ed1tto1y to t\Jc ipi rit or our »!!'C. E\'Crf
~ of 'u,e cllleo · • re eomatlon •I, ~
r~r s~~,:~dw~~i~!e:~
~ad unequal. U Uaeee~
J>n·Ju olcl! :nul tr .td!tioo. Yet the\ ' cOotioue to ~
tbe Elshtb 11'ard otror tq vote lhq ijaOGld be
h:ll wom ~u. som e or tht •m . tbu.t they oro qulto
eballeoi!ed,and II tllOJ take Ibo~
At ae •-ly all l111 pelUa1 plaaca Illa 'Williug lo (tol i ) ''•"P"-"'i,CUl.11 ll.ltm~ aod tbiuk It
neelvo and tlepoolM
of •WM pn-.od
dar!Dc Illa •ti.e ' hl~bl·y i,ropl'r lht •y &houtd do so. \Vitboat &
neu wi~llout a tremor or conseleuce,
111Ml4all lie ~
daJ. TIie •11 41,tarbonoo of • -1 oo• IOflUonly a mild prote:1t oCthat chh·alry wbl.:h tbey
.. JhO
ocenrretl a t.w 111l1a&e1
llefaro Ille poll• olhu,·c EO Joni: cl:tlmed, they turn trOtO&DIWllf
:=..~:.---"'..:•---• ~illlll la tho tm di.trio\ ortile 1111,11
wanL 1, been• Jrom the rc:: i11ry, ut.d rc1uae lu O,lM!UUle door
.J>:r• 4i1,-to over I ohalloase, a rulo wu mad•, to lier pohtiClll alat<'.
There 11re bcre just two thla~1 to note : 1
pd &loo
raUla,r wllloloparde4 tlle pollln1 paThei!t' ufflcera bave awoni to the U111ted.
•PIOt. Tua Cellowe4• ·•"'· ID wblell a-ta
8t•l.e6 Cuuslltul!on before that of the Slate, !
dOICD mea ,._
ea,raJefl. Ollloera C1=1,
(see 1,1b61rv.c1.
or laws ortbe Vnlte 1J 8tatea, Stato
llcQoaltera aa4 Daalo1hnra: 1tatlo • o4 there , or ll1cbl~o, and ebortcr or tbc city), and tbey
gnardtd th pollla,: pla.. t. tlla boll of tlaolr well kDOW lhllt bcrorc lbe word •• Wlllte ti WU St Rte coo1Utatiou1 coloffd
ablllly, broke •P tllo ll1hl and arreotod nu11
voted. The Fourtecolh and F11tecolh
.t.lllTBOIJY TDll1 PB.t.ll'T oae ofth• oombataala, Jamea llrGtRDlo, who Am~admea11to tbc Uull r d Stab .'8(;0111,Utulluo.
had ,dolfetl hlo eoat and wae •~doavortc1 lo enabled and protcc1cd them.
Jr auythluac more WH ot t·dcJ ror womon
W~a , Y•Ual ( ... Gdai ••· Greeler.•
m• ko 1oad 1111
boaat lbal be could whip an7 than her ruoaculllou Jo 1bc dir1creut re.
• • man In Ibo GRb ward, except one. Wllo lhal JaUuoa
U.boYB ad d01'U 1hC6B broad JtU4.•
· JIii • 8cUJr B. Allmo•r
11114a WT one waa ho 41d 1101sa-,,, Clo• l'7 • ad JloQaaln1ull~• 1~C1,nothing undone, so Jar 111 Jan•
friend ilUed la oarolloelllll ,...,...t,., ..,.
teiw arrested JlcGlnalo aa4 bold•• io Ill• I•
COU;?O ('llD e:r.pref:I mca niDi.?. As to the "ill•
of rut m(•re/' that woodtdul Dnd con•
en!IIIIIIT IDlated ·,.. 'fellow-~oltlsen • Ad •pito of tlie erowd wl,o made a dolermlud ••·
c11caro aud clrcumlocuUon belong& to
teDow- TOten. A "fellow," · uodlir •nob oi.. . tc111ptto reacuo tho pruonor. Ha ll••• la tbe DIDJZ
man'• <li1~nu llon ·1ud 'J't11feyrond hims elf
ooald aot w~ tl1> otllenrt.




HenrgL. Fish, the People'•
· Candidate,Successfull
rer • .if'


i~ t!~T,~~~:;:~r~~u~!!
~·l~ii, I










Factsaarlncidentsof theDay.




Over the Re•ult, r' ';,,



· ··