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Danbury Industrial Corporation

The Danbury Industrial Corporation created a three volume Danbury Industrial Survey which contains comprehensive descriptions and statistical analyses of Danbury's business and industrial community from 1918.  As the Survey states in its introduction:

Gentlemen: In accordance with our agreement, I herewith submit in the form of an Industrial Survey a report upon the economic and industrial conditions now existing in Danbury together with an analysis of such conditions and presentation of conclusions formed as a result of such analysis. 
My desire has been to prepare and present as complete data and information as possible for the purpose of assisting in promoting the industrial growth of Danbury.
The accompanying survey is largely of a confidential nature, and intended more for the assistance and guidance of your Officers and Committees, than for general distribution. Personally, I do not favor large expenditures for printed matter to be used for exploitation purposes. I think very few practical results are secured thereby. You should however have at your command, and in proper  form, such facts and data, as will assist you in presenting your advantages when negotiations are in progress.

  • l---The possibilities for expansion of existing industries,
  • 2---The possibilities for establishment of lines of manufacture allied to existing industries,
  • 3---The possibilities for development of bi-products manufacturers,
  • 4---The possibilities for development of new industries.
  • 5---The advantages and disadvantage of transportation conditions,
  • 6---The conditions relating to labor,
  • 7---The position of Danbury relative to the question of the cost of power,
  • 8---The market and distribution conditions relating to various lines of industry,
  • 9---The economic and strategic position of Danbury as compared with other cities,
  • 10---The advantages of Danbury as to factory sites and factory locations,
  • 11---The relation of civic conditions to industrial growth

I recommend that effort shall first be directed toward the providing of such advantageous manufacturing conditions in Danbury as will permit the securing of new industries, largely on the basis of merit of the city’s manufacturing location.

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