Sabbatical Leave Reports

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Sabbatical Leave Reports


Brower Jay Communication and Media Arts Fall 2016    
Duffy Jennifer History and Non-Western Cultures Fall 2016  Received 10-10-17 Archivist has copy 
Gallucci Nicholas Psychology Fall 2016  Received 10-5-17  Sending Electronic copy to Jen Obrien 10-10-17
Halloran Laurel  Nursing Fall 2016  Received 10-10-17 Archivist has copy. 
Kukk Christopher Social Sciences Spring 2017    
McDaniel Pamela Theatre Arts Spring 2017    
Mullaney Charles Division of Justice and Law Administration Spring 2017    
Nolan Michael History and Non-Western Cultures Spring 2017    
Oumlil A. Ben Marketing Fall 2016 nd; received 07/11/2017 hardcopy submitted to WCSU Library Archivist by Committee Chair
Owoye Oluwole Social Sciences Spring 2017    
Ryan Patrick  Writing, Linguistics and Creative Process Spring 2017    
Barrett Daniel Psychology Fall 2017 and Spring 2018    
Begian Jamie Music Spring 2018    
Clements Brian Writing Spring 2018    
Connally Neeta Biology Fall 2017 and Spring 2018    
Gurkewitz Rona Computer Science Fall 2017      
Herbert Frank Theatre Fall 2017    
Hirshfield Russell Music Fall 2017    
Lever Katie Communication Fall 2017    
Rice Catherine Nursing Fall 2017    
Wells Terry Art Fall 2017    

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