Danbury Preservation Trust Records, MS 039

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Danbury Preservation Trust Records, MS 039


summary: The Danbury Preservation Trust had its beginnings in 1978 during a faculty developed summer course entitled Living History, Reading the Connecticut Landscape, taught by Dr. Herbert F. Janick, Professor of History at Western Connecticut State College. After formal incorporation in January 1979, he became the Trust’s first president. The records of the Danbury Preservation Trust span the years 1978-1997. The collection includes surveys to identify structures that might be included on the National Register. The bulk of this collection consists of Architectural and Historic Resources Inventories that were conducted by the Trust between 1979 and 1986. The majority of the surveys contain a small black and white photograph of the structure.

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'Voters OK Parks Land Purchase' Clipping-Hearthstone
A photocopied newspaper clipping

Parks Property Purchase Committee
8.5 x 11", printed letter

Danbury Preservation Trust Brainstorming
3, 8.5 x 11", typescript
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