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Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044


Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909


Purdy and wife Gussie lived in Danbury, CT where they owned a house with tenants and were active members of the church. In 1860, Purdy began keeping a diary. His political leanings appear to have been Republican but there was much political activity among both parties in the run-up to the local elections of 1860. Purdy reports on the activities of the Wide Awakes and it appears likely that he belonged to the group but he did not explicitly state that he was a member. He was in the Wooster Light Guards militia company and appeared to have been the secretary. Gussie and Horace socialize frequently with Gussie's parents, Mrs. and Father Griswold who was prominent in the regional church [Methodist?]. Purdy works in a hat shop and is busiest in the Winter and frequently suffers from headaches. He also works in his vegetable garden in the spring growing strawberries, lima beans, etc. In 1860, his father-in-law who travels to Ohio for the "General Conference."

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Purdy joined the 1st Connecticut which was a 3-month enlistment regiment and was organized at Hartford in 1861. It served in the defenses of Washington, D.C. until it was used in an advance on Vienna and Falls Church, VA from June until July 1861. It saw action in the Battle of Bull Run on July 21 and was mustered out of service on July 31, 1861.

After his term of service, Purdy returns to Danbury where he eventually transitions from being a hat finisher to selling insurance. Purdy reports on the minutia of his day, the weather and reports on political machinations with occasional editorial embellishments.
The following persons figure into the diaries:
Allen, Charles : Capt. Skinner's waiter, arrived in Danbury from Port Royal, 12-1861

Allen, George B. : Wooster Guards took up a collection to give to him (2-1860) Horace walks with him on his way home. Was elected 2nd Corporal of the Wooster Guards, 3-9-1860. Attends church in New Haven with Horace 4-1861

Allen, Mr. : neighbor to the north of Horace. His little boy's foot was severely injured while he helped Violet Pine chop wood. Dr. William Bennett, home on furlough, treated the wound 3-1863.

Ambler, Granville : Delivered the beef bought from Jacob Fry to Horacee 12-1862.

Anderson, Emily : visited the Griswolds and attended evening class with them and Horace 1-1861. Gussie and Hattie (Wheeler) visit her with their babies, 11-1861. Horace and Gussie took a walk and visited 7-1862.

Anderson, Harris : went on picket guard with Horace 7-1861. Horace shared his rubber blanket with him (no tents) on the march to Falls Church 7-1861

Andrews, Charles : part owner of Andrews & Ives store

Andrews, George : his Baptist son-in-law from New Jersey, Mr. Hill, preached at Horace's church

Andrews & Ives : Horace buys a cradle at this store 9-1861. Horace ordered drain tiles 11-1861

Armstrong, John - bought a roll of Griswold's salve (1860)

Ashly, Mr. : editor of the Jeffersonian. Horace takes some of George 's letters to him, to print excerpts of them in the Jeffersonian 12-1862, 1-1863. Took some excerpts from David Mills letters 3-1863.

Atlantic Hotel : Bridgeport. Horace and Gussie have dinner there 9-1862.

Averrill, Roger - Lawyer : wife died 2-13-1860. Presenter of a flag to Capt. Southmayd's company, 11th regiment at the ceremony 11-1861. As Lieut. Gov., presented swords and sashes to officers of Capt. Moore's company 8-1862.

Bacon, Dr. : preacher in New Haven at one of the churches on the Green 4-1861

Bailey's Circus : appears in Danbury 4-1862

Bailey, Ebenezer : mistakenly took corrosive instead of sugar in brandy 7-20-1860. He died 7-25-1860 and the funeral was the next day at the Disciples Church.

Bailey, Montgomery - camping in Bridgeport in the same mess of the regiment with George Purdy 8-1862

Bailey, Mr. : jeweler who works in Mr. Woodford's store.

Bailey, S. G. : elected 1st lieutenant of the 5th Volunteer company, 9-1861

Baldwin, Dwight M. : married Susan Holmes 10-30-1860. He is an habitual drinker

Ball, Mr : a mason working for Father Griswold. He plastered the chimney in Horace's sink room 7-1862

Banks, William : requests a Hatters Society card. A special Hatters Society meeting refuses him 11-1862.

Barnum, Eben - with 11th regiment. His baby died, and

Barnum, Edward : Horace gave him a picture of George 9-1862. Distributing the Sunday School Advocate for the Sunday School 10-1862

Barnum, Louisa : Gussie visited her with Cousin Mary Purdy 11-1862

Barnum, P. T. : rumor that he is interested in a circus that appeared in Danbury 7-1860

Barnum, Smith : son William died 9-18-1861

Barnum, Thomas : shop proprietor. He sold apples to Horace. Called on Horace and they went over to look at Father Griswold's new house 5-1862. Horace called to see if he wanted a shop at the Pahquioque 7-1862.

Barnum, Mrs. Thomas : Gussie visited with her 1-1862.

Bartram, Mr. & Mrs. : they visited Father Griswold. He is a brother in the Church. Abel Wheeler borrowed his team to take Gussie and his wife, Harriet to church after their confinements 10-1861

Bartram, Sarah : Elected Assist. Female Superintendent of the Sunday School Teachers 4-8-1860

Baxter, Mr. Moses & Mrs. : paid an evening visit to Horace and Gussie (3-1860). Mr. Baxter helped Horace fix his well 5-1860. They lived across the street from Horace. Horace : boarded : with them while Gussie was in Essex during June and July of 1860. Mrs. Baxter visited Horace and Gussie 1-1861. Mr.

Baxter put new hoops on some barrels for Horace 10-1861. Horace hires Moses Baxter to help build his stone wall 4-1862 and build his w ood house 5-1862. Horace brought Mrs. Baxter some crab apples. 9-1862. He built a bridge over a ditch for Horace 9-1862. Horace borrows his wheel barrow 11-1862.

Beach, Mrs. : engaged by Horace to help with Fall cleaning.

Beard, Deacon : trial of mowing machines held at his place just west of the village 6-1860

Beardsley, Mrs. : an old friend of Mother Purdy. Horace and family visited her while George was stationed in Bridgeport 9-1862.

Beatty, Mr. : drove Harriet home from the train 5-1860

Beattys, Caroline : married 9-1861

Bedell, Elizabeth : friend of Gussie Purdy, from Hempstead Long Island NY. Engaged to Henry Mead.

Bedient, Oliver : postmaster's clerk 8-1862.

Beers, Anna : died 3-26-1861

Beers, Brother J. Clark : Secretary of the Juvenile Missionary Society. Was made life member of the Parent Missionary Society. He was elected Assist. Librarian of the Sunday School Teachers 4-8-1860. Comes to get cradle, they are taking care of Josie Wheeler while Harriet is in New Haven 10-1862

Benjamin, George : Shopped : employed with Horace. 8-1860

Benedict & Nichols' store where Horace shops. Horace bought drain tiles to cross the street 11-1861. Had some pork ground, 1-1862. Horace and Gussie bought carpet there 9-1862.

Benedict, Charles : shop owner with residence on Deer Hill. Took in the Widow Phillips : family when their house burned, 4-19-1860. A child of his died of dysentery 8-2-1860.

Benedict, Cyrus

Benedict, Henry : buried 7-5-1862.

Benedict, Victor : elected president of the Hat Finishers Society 1-1862

Benedict, Edgar : sold Horace some London Porter (2-1860)

Benedict, Orin : proprietor of : make shop : in Bethel.

Benedict, Starr : owned house at lower end of Main St. which is rented by John Carpenter. Had a small fire there 3-1862.

Benedict, Thomas : house on West St. burglarized 6-22-1860

Bennetts : Horace bought some butter and salt at this shop, the first trade he made there 6-1862.

Bennett, Charles : store owner. Horace bought some composition for sealing cider bottles 11-1860. There was a fire in his store 2-5-1861. Ran for post master 4-1861

Bennett, Curtis : Horace brings pictures to be framed to him 9-1862.

Bennett, Dr. E. P. : Horace got lettuce plants from him 5-1860, used his hay cutter 6-1860. Chased the burglars on Deer Hill Ave, 6-23-1860. His property extends to William St. Treating small pox cases 3-1861. Examined Horace and gave him a certificate of exemption from the draft 8-1862.

Bennett, Mrs. Nathan : injured by a runaway horse 7-1862

Bennett, Dr. William : son of Dr. Bennett of Deer Hill Ave. He helped chase the burglars on Deer Hill Ave. 6-1860 Surgeon, home on furlough from the 5th regiment, treated Mr. Allen's son's injury. Took a package from Horace for George back to the 17th regiment Horace wrote to him about George 3-1863

Berry, Brother : Horace walked with him from Bennett's store.

Betts, Captain James A. : 5th Regiment. Home on furlough, 1-1862, was taken prisoner, released and home on furlough 8-1862.

Betts, James - As 2nd Lieut. With Capt. Jenkins company, 23rd Regiment, received sword and sash 10-1862

Betts, Philander : elected Secretary of the Hat Finishers Assoc. 1-1861. He works in the shop with Horace. Family is sick and he is asked to stay away from the shop until they are not contagious 3-1861

Bevans, George R. : expelled member of Horace's military unit. Bought cap and axe that had been used by George Eddy. He intends to act as Pioneer in the Bridgeport Washington Guards.

Bienneville : steamer that took Horace's regiment to Washington D.C. It departed from Long Wharf in New Haven. 5-9-1862 was the first anniversary of that departure.

Bigelow, Mrs. : cousin of Abel Wheeler

Bixbee, Major : commanded skirmish drill one morning 7-1861

Blackman's : shop in Bridgeport where Horace takes a watch 8-1862.

Blissard, Jacob : his wife died 7-14-1860. Sick in camp hospital in Roach's Mills, Virginia 6-1861

Board of Relief : Horace went before it and got $400 on his place transferred to Alfred Gregory who holds Horace's mortgage for that much 1-1862

Bogle, Mr. : owns a boarding house in Brooklyn where Harriet Purdy is staying 3-1863.

Bombshell Block : new hat block at the Pahquioque Hat Finishing Shop 5-1862.

Booth, D. B. : executed some papers for Horace 3-1863.

Boughton, Anna : daughter of Louisa. Sick with fever 11-1861, sick 8-1862

Boughton, Frances (Frank) : cousin of Horace and Gussie. Wife of John, had a baby boy 11-11-1862.

Boughton, John : Cousin. Went to tea at Horace's parents while his wife was in Norwalk, 6-1860. Horace visited his house 6-1862, and visited with Frank since he wasn : t at home. Enlisted in Capt. Moore's Company, with George Purdy, 8-1862.

Boughton, Louisa : aunt to Horace and Gussie. Her sister Betsey died in the poor house 4-12-1861. Looking for rooms to rent and rents rooms next door to Horace 11-1861. Moved from Gregory's house near Horace to stay with Frank Boughton, 10-1862.

Boughton, Mary : daughter of Louisa and cousin of Horace. Sick with typhoid fever 9-1861

Boughton, Marvin : with his wife visited Abel Wheeler when Horace was visiting. Went with Abel up to New Fairfield to pick whortle berries

Boughton, Susan : visited Mother Griswold 11-1860.

Bowers, Mr. : hired Hiram Crofut for patent roofing (3-1860)

Bradley, David - Enlisted in Capt. Moore's Company 8-1862. Brother of George Bradley. Sick in hospital in Baltimore 9-1862.

Bradley, Frederick : married Isabelle Bussing 3-28-1860. Health poor in 7-1860. Horace gets blacking for him to sell since he can : t work in the shop 8-1860. While working in the shop : paid James Hagan's fine and the shop voted it back to him the next day.

Bradley, George : apprentice sent by Abel Parsons to build Horace's sink room chimney 6-1862. Enlisted in Capt. Moore's Company, 8-1862. Brother of David Bradley

Bradley, Medad : died 12-16-1862.

Bradley, William B. : Burr : : gathered pea brush with Horace 5-1860. Funeral for his 1 yr. 9 mo. old boy, 7-26-1860. Rode up to the water works dam with Horace 11-1860. Elected Vice-president of the Hat Finishers Assoc., went with Horace to buy seats in church for the year 1-1861 . He and his wife visited Horace when they thought he was still sick 11-1861. Baby girl born 2-1862. Got some lettuce plants from Horace 5-1862

Brayman, Henry : Norwalk CT : wrote to Horace Purdy. Drove passengers to Danbury 10-1860

Briggs, Mrs. - Horace sold her some crab apples : 9-1862.

Broas, Josiah : subscription started at the shop to help him 5-1862.

Brockett, Hattie : attended singing party 4-29-1860

Brockett, George - accepted as a recruit in Horace's military unit. 1-1861

Bronson, Augustus - in the same company with George Purdy, some items sent to him 9-1862

Bronson, Orin : in the same company with George Purdy, some items sent to him 9-1862

Bronson, Thadeus : nominated for the Legislature 3-29-1860. Horace paid tax to him 11-1861

Brotherton, Philander : he and his wife were skating on George Starr's pond 1-1863.

Brothwell, Theodore : married Elizabeth Clark, a Amenia schoolmate of Gussie's around 4-1861. 4-1862

Brown, Elijah : apprentice to Charles Stevens. Lives at Alvin Hurds boarding house

Brown, Dr. E. A. : elected postmaster 4-1861

Brush, John : shopmate at the Pahquioque Finishing Shop. Brought Horace corn meal 11-1860. Went ice fishing at Kanosha with Horace 1-1862. Went off and returned to the shop intoxicated 5-1862. Visited the army camp in Bridgeport 8-1862. At the shop and intoxicated 1-1863.

Buchanan, James : President of the United States. Horace calls him a traitor 1-1861

Buckingham, Governor George : republican governor of Connecticut, re-elected 4-1861. Went to Virginia and reviewed the Connecticut troops, 6-1861 Came to Danbury by train to encourage volunteers for the war. 7-1862

Bulkely, Dr. : family doctor for Horace's family and the Griswolds. Vaccinated the family against small pox 3-1861. Treated Mother Griswold 4-1862

Burch , Saul : Albany, formerly of Danbury attended Horace's church 3-17-1861

Burnham, Col. : was drunk and abused Sgt. Dickens during morning drill. 6-1861

Burr, Mary E. : Bloomfield CT, sister of Mother Griswold. written to by Mother Griswold 1-1860. Visited by Horace and Gussie 8-1860

Burr, Lorenzo : Bloomfield CT, uncle of Gussie Purdy. Visited by Horace and Gussie 8-1860

Busbee- member of Capt. Comstock's company, seriously wounded in a skirmish near Vienna Va 6-1861

Bussing, Lieut. John W. - member of Horace's military unit. Shopped at the Pahquioque Hat Finishing Shop 11-1862. His wife died 12-30-1862 and funeral was at the Disciples Church.

Busteed, Richard : New York. Spoke at the welcome home celebration for Horace's 8-1861

Butler's Drug Store : Horace left rolls of Griswold's salve there for sale 2-1863

Butler, Frank - shot pistols with Horace at a target in Mr. McDonald's orchard 11-1862. His son had diphtheria 1-1863

Byington, A. H. : member of Horace's military unit, mended Horace's boots while in New Haven 4-1861


Cable, Benjamin : works in Norwalk. George Purdy dug potatoes for him and writes to him for payment 10-1861

Camp Buckingham : name of camp for Connecticut regiments in Washington DC

Camp McDowell : camp set up when Horace's regiment sent to Falls Church - Fairfax Courthouse Va. to aid the Ohio boys

Camp Tyler : camp set up in Roach's Mills, Virginia by Horace's regiment

Carlton & Porter : source of subscriptions for Sunday School Advocate 4-1861

Carpenter, John : house he rents from Starr Benedict is at lower end of Main St. There was a fire which was put out before the Hose could there 3-1862.

Carpenter, John Jr. : baptized 7-1862

Case, Lucia Ann : visited while in Canton CT. 8-1860

Case, Martha : Essex CT, visited the Griswolds 2-1861

Chapman, Mr. & Mrs. : visited the Griswolds 12-1862.

Chatfield, Major : Maj in Horace's regiment, promoted to Colonel of the 3rd Connecticut Regiment by Gen. Tyler after Tyler's disagreement with the former Colonel of the 3rd. Needs Gov. Buckingham's approval for the promotion 6-1861

Chichester, Quartius : put new point on lightning rod for Horace -1860. Horace paid him 4-1862.

Chittenden, Bro. : led church class 9-1862.

Clark & Fords : one of their clerk's is a player in the church choir. 1860 Edward Barnum works there 10-1862.

Clark, Elizabeth : went to the Amenia school with Gussie. Married Theodore Brothwell around 4-1861. 4-1862

Clark, Francis : took over assisting in the librarian duties at the Sunday School 8-1862

Clark, Martin : leader of the band

Clark, Mr. : sent a beef to Horace 1-1861.

Clark, Mr. : Presbyterian minister in New Fairfield. One of the speakers when the Governor visited Danbury 7-1892

Cockling, Mr. : came to look at Horace's rooms 2-1863

Coe, Mr. : exchanged with Bro. Pegg and preached at Horace's church 1-1861. Preached again 9-1861, 12-1861. Presbyterian minister 8-1862. Preached sermon on patriotism at Horace's church 3-1863.

Cole, Mrs. Hiram : visited the Griswold's 1-1862

Collett, John M.D. : lectured on physiology anatomy at the Concert Hall 9-1860

Comstock's : Horace left 2 umbrellas there to be mended. Horace had his revolver repaired there 6-1862

Conrad, Isabella : Bridgeport. Wrote to George in the army and he sent her letter home for safekeeping 12-1862.

Cosier, Brother : led church class in absence of Brother Starr 6-1860

Cosier, David : Abel and Harriet Wheeler used his horse to go up to New Fairfield and the horse ran away with them 1-1861

Cosier, Disbrow : brought some coal to Horace to try out 11-1860

Cosier, George : won a prize for bringing the most scholars to Sunday School 1-1861

Cosier, John : Horace and Gussie visit him 5-1862. Owns a paint shop 6-1862. Had Horace address a package of mittens going to Amos Day, one of his old Sunday School Scholars, for him. 12-1862

Couch, Nathan : elected 4th Corporal of the Wooster Guards 3-9-1860


Couch's Picture Gallery : Gussie and Horace have Eddie's picture taken

Cowan, Edward : discharged from Tweedy's shop for misconduct. Hatters Meeting called to try to reinstate him

Cowan, R. C. : elected 2nd Lieutenant of the Wooster Guards 3-9-1860

Cowan, Billy : shared some of his tea with Horace at Camp McDowell when Horace was suffering from Hernia 7-1861


Crawford, Rev. John : Redding. His daughter married Charles Stevens. 4-1862. New minister in Horace's church 4-1862. Visited the Griswolds with his wife 3-1863.

Crofut, Mr. & Mrs. . : lodgers in Horace Purdy's house 1860.

Crofut, Charles : was visiting New Haven and took a letter home for Horace 7-1861

Crofut, Mr. Henry : burglars stole his breakfast 7-24-1860. He owns the Pahquioque hat finishing shop. 4-1862 Trades hats for raisins from a peddler and buys flour on time so sell to his men on credit, due to the panic and not being able to get money 12-14-1860. His father died 2-7-1862. Met with the men in the shop to work out a payment schedule for wages nd pay the back wages owed the men 5-1862.

Crofut, Hiram : off from the Pahquioque shop for the spring and summer to work at patent roofing for Mr. Brown 1860. Shopmate of Horace 7-1862. His wife had stomache cramps and was dying 2-1863

Crofut, Horace B. : a former tenant of Horace. His baby boy was born 6-15-1860. Horace and Gussie visit him.

Crofut, Laura : daughter of Mr. Crofut who owns the shop. A piano was put in the office so she could take lessons there. She keeps the books for the shop for her father.

Crossman's Stables : Father Griswold buys manure there 12-1862.

Crosby's Stables : Horace rented a horse and carriage there

Crosby, Charles : works at Lounsbury's and Horace pays him for rubber boots 11-1862

Crosby, Judah P. : Was in Horace's military unit. He went to Hartford to procure overcoats for the unit. 4-1861

Culver, Judge : gave a political address in Danbury 6-8-1860

Curry, Dr. Daniel : preached at Church Conference in Stamford CT 4-1860, elected delegate in Stamford CT to the General Conference 4-13-1860

Curtis, William H. - camping in Bridgeport in the same mess of the regiment with George Purdy 8-1862. Discahrged from Capt. Moore's company, 17th Regiment and visited Horace's shop 1-1863

Curtis, Mrs. : Horace sent her a sparerib of pork because her husband is at war 12-1862.

Daniels, Lieut. : of Capt. Stone's company, Col. Ferry's 5th Regiment, returned home from Edward's Ferry on the Potomac MD 12-1861. Sword and sash presented to him 8-1862.

Dare, Ellen (Eleanor) : visited Horace and Gussie 9-1862. Gussie wrote to her 10-1862, 2-1863

Dare, Josephine : from Long Island, visited Mother Griswold and Gussie 9-14-1860

Davis, E. S. : hosted the sewing society 12-1860. Hosted the Military company meeting in his basement to settle the financial affairs of the company 10-1861

Davis, George : elected 4th Sargent of the Wooster Guards 3-9-1860

Day, Amos - camping in Bridgeport in the same mess of the regiment with George Purdy 8-1862. John Cosier sends him some mittens 12-862. He was one of John Cosiers old Sunday School scholars. 12-1862.

Day, Josiah : in the same regiment with George Purdy. Home on leave because his wife is ill 9-1862. Discharged from the 17th regiment, visited Horace at the shop to give him letters George had received and saved. 3-1863.

Dean, Charles : boarder with Gussie's aunt and uncle in Bloomfield. Visited sites in Hartford with Gussie and Horace 8-1890. His brother is a member of Captain Comstock's company and visits Horace while Horace is camped at Roach's Mills in Virginia 6-1861

Delavan, Smith - in the same company with George Purdy, some items sent to him 9-1862

Deming, Capt. M. - wounded in a battle at Charles City Cross Roads before Richmond and died of his wounds 7-1862 , discourse or funeral sermon at the Baptist Church 11-1862. Talk about him scheduled at the Baptist Church but moved to the next day because of the weather 12-1862.

DeOssey, Mr. - Norwalk. Called on Horace at the shop to ask him to canvas for subscriptions to the Sunday School Times 12-1860

DeWolfe children : Horace fills out certificates of admission to the Sunday school for them 3-1863.

Dikeman, Ira : died 2-3-1862

Dikeman, Robert A. : member of military company, died in Memphis TN 1-1860.

Dickens, George : in the same company with George Purdy , some items sent to him 9-1862

Dickens, Mrs. George : Horace sold her some crab apples : 9-1862.

Dickens, Milo : elected 2nd Sargent of the Wooster Guards 3-9-1860. Abused by a drunken Col. Burnham 6-1861

Dickerman, Chancy : Horace stayed at his place while in New Haven. 7-1861

DIckerman, Elisha : a druggist. Went down to the beach to bathe with Horace

Disbrow, Gould S. : sells coal

Disbrow, Sherman : Horace bought coal from him 4-1862

Dobby,Charley - a negro. Assistant to the cook, Jack Roff, for Capt. Skinner. Arrived in Danbury from Port Royal 12-1861

Doran, John : stabbed and severely injured at at an Irish dance at the old Saddle Factory 12-1861

Doran, Miles - apprentice at the Pahquioque Finishing Shop (1860). Celebrated his 21st birthday 7-21-1860, with refreshments in a field near the shop. Stabbed at an Irish dance at the old Saddle Factory 12-1861 and died

Downs, Seth : went down to the Bridgeport army camp with his team 8-1862.

Dudley, George : a Congregational preacher. Horace visited him while in New Haven 7-1861

Dunning, Calvin : Was elected treasurer of the Hat Finishers Assoc. 1-1861, 1-1862.

Dunning, Joseph : elected first lieutenant of Capt. Skinners company 8-1861

Eames, Harris : married Sarah Keeler, one of the Sunday School teachers 12-2-1861. Horace sold Mrs. Eames some crab apples 9-1862.

Eddy, George M. : deceased member of Horace's military unit.

Elwood, Nelson U. : elected 1st Corporal of the Wooster Guards 3-9-1860

Elwood, Mrs. : came with Mother Purdy to help nurse Gussie 9-1861

Ely, Harriet : hosted a singing evening (2-1860)

Ely, Henry : Sewing Society meeting at his house 3-1861

Engine Company : 1 : drunk and rowdy by Wooster House 4-19-1860

Engine Company : 2 : threatened by members of Company : 1 4-19-1860

Fairchild & Gillett : Gussie bought a year of tarltan there 10-1862.

Fanton, Mr. : proprietor of the shirt factory on Wooster St. Employed shirt factory girls. Funeral sermon preached for him at Horace's church 9-15-1860

Fayerweather, Jennie : Horace and Gussie saw her learning to skate at the Skating Park 1-1863

Feeks, Thadeus : called on Horace and Gussie with his wife to look at Horace's house, wants to build one like it 3-1861

Fenner, George : came home with Horace and walked around Horace's property and went with him up into the cupola of Father Griswold's new house 5-1862. Works in the shop with Horace 7-1862.

Ferry, George : addressed the Wide Awakes and the public in concert hall 10-1860

Ferry , O S. : addressed the Republicans in Concert Hall, previous to the election the following Monday 3-28-1861. Lost re-election to Congress 4-1861.

Ferry's Hat Shop : Bethel. Partially burned in a fire 4-14-1862

Ferry, Philander - owner of eating saloon. Horace visited his place in New Haven on the way back from Washington. Thomas Hooton accompanied him 7-1861

Filly, Mr. : Bloomfield. Called on Father Griswold 5-1862

Fisher, Mr. : the dyer

Flagler, Theodore - apprentice at the Pahquioque Finishing Shop (1860). Went off and returned to the shop intoxicated 5-1862.

Fletcher, Charles : preached at Horace's church 9-1861

Floy, James - elected delegate in Stamford CT to the General Conference 4-13-1860

Foot, Robert : a young man died suddenly of a disease of the heart 3-1862.

Ford, EIias (?) B. - visiting preacher from Ridgefield 9-1862.

Foss, Archibald Campbell : Horace heard him preach while in New York to get books for the Sunday School 3-1863.

Foss, Cyrus David : Horace went to hear him preach while in New York getting books for the Sunday School. Were disappointed because his brother preached. 3-1863.

Fowler, James : Horace gets bushels of potatoes from him 9-1862.

Fowler, Theodore : Was foreman of the Pahquioque Finishing Shop. Married 10-16-1860 and visited Pennsylvania. Got a military exemption 8-1862

Freeland, John : his little boy died 8-10-1862

French, David : friend of Horace

Fry, Charles W. : ran for post master 4-1861

Fry, Jacob : Horace rode home with him and lent him an umbrella 9-1860. Horace borrowed his horse 11-1860. : Uncle Jake : worked in the shop with Horace, fined 50 cents 8-1861. Horace bough beef from him 12-1862

Fry, Robert : came for Horace's door yard grass 7-1862

Gibbs, Wellington : attended church in Washington DC with Horace 5-1861. Gussie and Hattie (Wheeler) visit with their babies 11-1861

Gibbs, Mrs. : visiting Abel and Hattie Wheeler for tea 12-1861

Gibson, Mr. : old shopmate at the Pahquioque Finishing Shop. Came for a visit (2-1860)

Giddings, Josua : gave a lecture on John Q. Adams and was heckled by the rowdies of the Democratic party 2-1861

Gilbert, Mr. & Mrs. - from Derby CT. parents of Mrs. Pegg, the wife of Brother Pegg

Gilbert, Mr. : Disciples preacher 2-1862

Gilbert, Mr. : carpenter. Lost a 5 yr. old boy to scarlet fever 5-1862

Goodenough, Brother E. : New York. Provider of Sunday school materials

Gould, Andrew : works for John Rowan and helps build stone wall for Horace 4-1862

Grannis, John - camping in Bridgeport in the same mess of the regiment with George Purdy 8-1862

Gregory, Alfred : holds a $400 note from Horace on Horace's house. Horace is paying interest on the note . Called and asked for some money which Horace couldn : t give him 9-1861. Horace received $400 from the Board of Relief to give him 1-1862. Temporarily gave note to Jarris Hull as security 4-1862.

Horace got the Board of Reilef to move $100 on his house (the amount of the note with Alfred Gregory) to Alfred Gregory. 1-1863

Gregory, Ephriam : Horace gave him some currant bushes 4-1860. Horace paid the assessment for the new street to him. He owns the house next door, north of Horace 11-1861

Gregory, Hannah : visited Gussie with Elizabeth Clark (Mrs. Brothwell) 4-1862

Griffin, L. B - in the same company with George Purdy, some items sent to him 9-1862

Griffing, Martyn H. : sold coal to Horace (1860). Horace orders coal to be delivered to his father in payment for putting in the drains 11-1861

Griswold, Anne : Elyria, Ohio, wife of Edwin Griswold. Her father died in Hartford 8-1861

Griswold, Arthur : cousin of Gussie. Member of the 8th Ohio Regiment, killed at Winchester VA 3-1862.

Griswold, Dwight : brother of Father Griswold, (Edwin E. )

Griswold, Edwin : son of : Father Griswold : and husband of Anne

Griswold, Edwin E. : : Father Griswold : , minister, preached in Danbury and Ridgefield (1860). Elected delegate in Stamford CT to the General Conference 4-13-1860. Appointed presiding Elder of the New Haven District at the Conference in Stamford 4-1860. Sold his place to Mr. Valentine 12-25-1861. Moved out of his house and into Horace's upper rooms. Stored some of this things in his new barn and at Horace's 4-1862. Attends Conference in Waterbury. He is only home one Sunday a year because of church duties 4-1862. Visits Elyria, Lorain County, Ohio 6-1862.

Griswold, Edwin Luther : b. 2-11-1856. Nephew of Gussie and Horace.

Griswold, Fanny : . daughter of Father Griswold (Edwin) and sister of Gussie Purdy. Visited Elyria OH in June and July 1860. Visited Madison WI in July 1860. Returned from Camp Meeting 8-1862.

Griswold, Grandfather and Grandmother : grandparents of Gussie Purdy buried in the graveyard in Bloomfield.

Griswold, Kate : Wife of Dwight Griswold. Committed suicide 3-1861

Griswold, Mary (Webster), : Mother : : wife of Edwin E. Griswold, mother of Gussie, Fannie, Edwin and Mary Victoria. Born 12-16-1795

Griswold, Mary Victoria : died young and was buried in the graveyard in Bloomfield. Sister of Gussie Purdy. Later, grave moved to the Wooster Cemetary in Danbury.

Griswold, Rev. - Hartford. Local preacher who preached in Horace's church

Griswold, Willie : Fanny Griswold sends socks to his mother for him 12-1862.

Grant, Elder : a 'second Adventist : , preached at the Concert Hall 3-25-1860

Gray, Abel : makes and supplied butter. 7-1862

Hagan, James : works in the shop with Horace. Caused a disturbance 8-27-1860

Haka, Henry : hired hand to Uncle Lorenzo in Bloomfield

Hall, George : Sodom. cousin of Horace and Gussie. Visited and then stayed with Aunt Louisa

Hall, Roxana : Sodom. Cousin of Horace and Gussie Purdy. Came to visit Aunt Louisa because Anna is sick 8-1862

Hallock, Mary : visited with Gussie and Horace while they were in Canton Ct 8-1860

Hamilton, Mr. : Texas. Speaking at Concert Hall on the political issues and to aid in Gov. Buckingham's election 3-1863.

Hancock, Esq. : Gussie and Horace visited with him while in Canton 8-1860

Hancock, Mary : daughter of Esq. Hancock

Hanford, Mr. David : Horace borrowed blacking from him, 7-1860. He brought blacking for Horace from New York, 9-1860. of a shoe store. Horace pays for rubbers he bought from him before he left for the war 4-1862

Hare, Bro. : assisted Bro. Crawford with the service 8-1862. Brother Crawford's son-in-law 8-1862.

Harris, Francis - died of the small pox 1-19-1861 and was buried in the night to avoid exposure. He had been smuggled home on the cars from NY to die at home

Harris, Mr. : Horace orders apples from him 10-1862. Horace buys coat, vest and pants from him 1-1863.

Harrison, William : offered $50 to save some belongings in the Widow Phillips residence fire on Deer Hill 4-19-1860

Harvey : was hired to paint rooms Horace is renting 11-1862.

Harvey, Constable : called on to deal with the rowdy firemen, 4-19-1860

Harvey, Henry : mistakenly took corrosive instead of sugar in brandy 7-1860. Died 7-30-1860

Hat Finishers Assoc. : met 6-29-1860 to vote on whether to join the National Association. Held elections 1-1861

Hatfield, Robert M. - elected delegate in Stamford CT to the General Conference 4-13-1860

Hatfield, Marquis : joined Horace and others on outing in Stamford, 4-1860

Hayan, James : shopmate at the Pahquioque Finishing shop

Haynes, Chauncey : died 1-16-1861

Heath, Alfred : gave money he owed George Purdy to Horace by way of Mr. Swift. 12-1862.

Heinman, Henry : baptized 7-1862.

HIckock, D. R. : sells patent folding clothes dryers and is the patentee. Horace inquires about getting a sales territory 12-1860.

Hill, George : assists Horace at the Church library

Hill, Mr. : Baptist preacher from New Jersey preached at Horace's church. Son-in-law of George Andrews

Hillman, Capt. : of the Windsor Locks (Conn.) Company, led part of Horace's company back to Washington, to the war office. 7-1861

Hitchcock, Henry : servant of Capt. Betts of the 5th Regiment. Home on furlough 1-1862.

Hodge, John - died in his chair suddenly, buried 12-27-1860

Hodinott, Alfred : member of Horace's company, taken prisoner at battle of Bull Run 7-1861. Returned home on the train 6-4-1862

Holmes, George & Co. : Norwalk. Store burned in large fire 2-1862.

Holmes, John - reported wounded and a prisoner 6-1862

Holmes, Mr. : moved into new store (2-1860)

Holmes, Stephen : Sewing Society meeting held at his house 3-1862. His boy, Charley died 7-1-1862 of inflammation of the bowels. He was a member of the Sunday School.

Holmes, Susan : attended singing party 4-29-1860. Married Dwight M. Baldwin 10-30-1860. Horace states that he is an habitual drinker.

Hooton, Thomas : member of Horace's regiment. Visited Philander Ferry in New Haven with Horace on the way back from Washington 7-1861. Elected 2nd lieutenant of Capt. Skinner's company 8-1861

Horn, Mr. : Redding minister, preached in Horace's church 10-1861

Horton, Miss : Sister of Mrs. White. Took dinner with the Griswolds on Thanksgiving 11-1861. Tenant of the Griswolds.

Horton, Thomas : 1st Lieut., Capt. Skinners Company, 7th Regiment. Killed in the battle near James Island SC. 6-1862

Howe, Louise : old schoolmate of Gussie's and Gussie wrote to her 12-1862. Married Mr. Wright 2-1863.

Hoxie, Mr. : a Republican, spoke on the political questions at Concert Hall, 3-23-1860

Hoyt & Scribners : insurance agency

Hoyt, Charles H. , Mrs. : Mother Griswold wrote to her

Hoyt, Clark : child of his died and was buried 5-19-1860. Takes a letter for George Purdy to Benjamin Cable 10-1861

Hoyt, Curtis - received a gold dollar for bringing in the fourth most scholars to the Sunday school 1-1862

Hoyt, Eli T. : mother died 1-17-1860

Hoyt, Frank T. : brought Horace a bushel of potatoes (2-1860)

Hoyt, Harriet : Stamford. Daughter of Oliver Hoyt

Hoyt, Miss J. : visited the Griswolds and stayed for tea 10-1862

Hoyt, Henry : collected evergreens with Horace and Peter Starr for the church. They used George Starr's team. 12-1860.

Hoyt, Lewis : died in a fit on 8-2-1860

Hoyt, Mary Jane : sold Gussie Purdy a dress and hat 4-1860. Horace paid here for millinery for Gussie and the baby 11-1862.

Hoyt, Mr. : preaching at the Baptist Church while Mr. Stone is in Europe. One of the speakers when the Governor visited Danbury 7-1892

Hoyt, Noah : store owner. Horace paid the bill he owed him 5-1860. Horace borrowed his horse and wagon. Horace bought a string of suckers from him 12-1860. Sewing circle at his house, 3-1861. Horace went with him to meeting in New Fairfield 9-1861. He brought Horace a bushel of apples 10-1861, some crab apples 9-1862. Horace bought kerosene oil from him 11-1862. Delivered Horace's pork 12-1862

Hoyt, Oliver : Stamford. Elders of the Church and the Bishop stayed with him during Conference 4-1860. The sound is in full view from his residence.

Hoyt, Olivia : Stamford. Daughter of Oliver Hoyt

Hoyt, Russel : Horace buys pork from him 12-1862.

Hoyt, William C. : former Danbury preacher. Appointed Presiding Elder in the Bridgeport District at the Conference in Stamford CT 4-1860. Visits Danbury and is a guest preacher 1-1862, 4-1862, 10-1862. Is presiding Elder, 7-1862.

Hoyt, Zerah : shopped at where Horace works 3-1860. Paid a garnish, 4-1861.

Hox, John : 'shopped : : worked with Horace 8-1860

Hubbard, Dr. : doctor with the 17th Regiment, Horace writes to him about George. 3-1863.

Hull, A. B. : Gussie attended auction (2-1860). Horace ordered butter from him.

Hull, Charles : shop proprietor. Horace bought a hoe 5-1862. Horace orders work by a tinner for the lining around his chimney 6-1862.

Hull, Edward : he and his men spread dirt in the road over the stones Father Griswold placed there. 6-1862.

Hull, George : shop proprietor. Tried to sell Horace a stove 11-1860. Visited the Griswolds with his wife 3-1863

Hull, Graham : Horace purchased a pot of butter from him 12-1860.

Hull, Jarris : held note on Horace's house as security of Alfred Gregory 4-1862

Hull, Seeley : his wife was found dead from drunkenness 10-7-1860

Humingston, Edwin : came by train from the West . Went to work in the shop with Horace 10-1862

Humingston, Tip : Horace looked at a saw he was selling. He is selling out to go out west 3-1862.

Humphrey, Eliza : California. Cousin of Gussie Purdy. Gussie corresponds with her. Gussie wries a letter, sends a News Times 2-1863.

Humphrey, Alfred : cousin of Gussie's who lives in Canton Centre

Humphrey, Lauren : California. Horace writes to him(?) 9-1861

Humphrey, Leydia : cousin of Gussie's who lives in Canton Centre

Hunt, Mr. : had contract to dig ditches for new water pipes, gave up the contract to the pipelayer

Huntington, Mr. : store proprietor. Horace bought a silver pencil and gold pen from him

Huntington, E. S. : buried 4-10-1862.

Hurd, Mr. - shop called on him because he took piece work home with Mr. Crofut's permission and was calling himself a journeyman. He was shopped at Tweedy's also. He agreed to cry off from Tweedy's and go on turn 3-1862. The case will probably be brought before the trade. Meeting continued with the Making department in the Boiler room to discuss money. Mr. Crofut said he couldn : t do any more and might be able to settle up on April 1 3-1862. Visited Horace, and toured the new Griswold house 6-1862. Horace got strawberry plants from him 7-1862. Rents rooms to Mr. and Mrs. Swift 11-1862

Hurlburt, William : had a paralytic stroke and died 1-22-1862

Hyatt, Alfred : lives on Wooster St. and almost caught the burg.lars 7-1860

Inskip, J. : preached at Conference in Stamford CT 4-1860. Chaplain of the 14th New York Regiment 5-1861

Irish, the - first St. Patrick's day demonstration by them in Danbury 3-17-1863.

Irish Mary : did some washing for Horace and Gussie 8-1861

Ives, George : barn burned 8-25-1860

Ives, Joseph : Horace and Gussie buy bedstead and washstand at his store 9-1862. His wife is buried 12-1862.

Ives, Juliette - received a smaller silver cup for bringing in the third most scholars to the Sunday school 1-1862

Ives, Mrs. : came with Mother Purdy and helped nurse Gussie 9-1861.

Jackson, Old Mrs. : hired to nurse when Gussie has the baby 8-1861. Not very good and Horace dismissed her 9-1861. Died in Stamford and was brought back to Danbury for burial 12-1862.

Jackson's Cadets : turned out for the return of Capt, Moore : company 8-1861

Jane : Mother Griswold's girl

Jenkins, Capt. : 23rd Regiment. His company came to Danbury and officers received swords and sashes 10-1862.

Jennings, Isaac : member of Horace's company, taken prisoner during battle at Bull Run 7-1861. Returned home on the train 6-4-1862.

Johnson, Albert : shopped at the Pahquioque Finishing Shop (2-1860) in place of Joseph Tammany.

Jones, Mason : gave a lecture on Garibaldi 1-1863.

Jones, Miss : visiting the Purdys up home from Brooklyn. 7-1860

Jost, Mr. : German preacher, visited the Sabbath School 4-1861 Judd, A : of Bethel, addressed the departing troops at the Depot 8-1861

Judd, William : of Bethel. Spoke at Wide Awakes meeting 10-1860

Judson, William : member of a Pennsyvania regiment in McClellan's army. Visited Horace's shop and Horace tried to take up a collection for him 7-1862.

Keeler, George : on guard duty with Horace 6-1861

Keeler, Lieut. : 5th Connecticut Volunteers. Visited Horace's shop and spoke at Concert Hall to get volunteers 8-1862.

Keeler, Lyman : Horace got a bushel of apples from him 10-1861

Keeler, Sarah : one of the Sunday School teachers, married Harris Eames 11-2-1861

Kellogg, Capt. : 2nd regiment, taken prisoner by the rebels while officer of the day 6-1861

Kellogg, Norman - in the same company with George Purdy, some items sent to him 9-1862

Kennedy, Dr. : preacher at the 1st Methodist church in New Haven 4-1861

Keys, Brigadier Col. : regular army, newly appointed to Horace's regiment, 7-1861

Kinney, Thomas : drowned in Taunton Pond, Newtown 5-30-1860

Knapp, Edgar : at Camp Aiken in Bridgeport in the same mess of the regiment with George Purdy 8-1862

Knapp, Mr. & Mrs. Michael. : neighbors of Horace Purdy

Knowles, David : called on Horace at the shop and went home with him 6-1860. Called to see Horace's border, Mr. Smith 12-1860. Horace finished a hat for him 12-1860.

Knox, Andrew : elected 1st Sargent of the Wooster Guards 3-9-1860. Treasurer of the Wooster Light Guards 12-1860. Painter. Horace borrowed money from him for his trip to Hartford County 8-1860. Presented bill to the band with Horace 10-1861. Lieutenant in the 1st Conn. Artillary and came home on furlough 7-1862.

Krazinski, Morris - private in Horace's company in the 1st regiment for the 3 months. Now 2nd lieutenant in the 11th regiment, promoted from Sargent, after the battle at Antietam Creek 10-1862

Kyle, Thomas : shopmate of Horace Purdy (3-1860)

Lamb, Charles : elected president of the Hat Finishers Assoc. 1-1861

Landan, Seymour - elected delegate in Stamford CT to the General Conference 4-13-1860

Lanigan, David : 'shopped : , worked in the shop with Horace 8-1860. Brought a barrel of cider to the shop and everyone paid him.. Brought another barrel 10-1861,

Lawton, Henry : comes to look at the rooms for rent in Horace's house. Horace refuses to rent to him 8-1861

Ledger, Harry - 'shopped : , worked in the shop with Horace. 8-1860. Horace sold 20 heads of cabbage to him 11-1861. Subscripton started at the shop to help him go to England for his health 5-1862.

Levine, Oscar : elected vice-president of the Hat Finishers : Association 1-1862

Lewis, George : in George Purdy's company, items sent to him 9-1862

Lilly. Patrick - of the 1str Conn. Heavy Artillary. Died in hospital. Horace and other volunteers under Capt. Wildman and Jackson's Cadet Muskets turned out for the funeral and the burial in the Catholic burying ground 3-1863.

Lincoln, Abraham : elected president, assassination attempt in Maryland on the way to Washington 1861

Loebdell, Miss : visited the Griswolds for tea 10-1862

Loomis, George - apprentice at the Pahquioque Finishing Shop (1860). Off on 9-11-1860 to go to wool hatting at Sturdevant's. Dismissed from the army because of wounds, came back to Danbury 12-1862.

Loomis, Reuben H. : Birmingham. Exchanged pulpits with Brother Pegg, 8-26-1860

Loomis, Col. S. : 5th Connecticut Infantry, swore Horace in on the green in New Haven in front of the state house, 4-1861

Lounsbury's : shoe store where Gussie buys shoes 3-1862 . Horace has his mother knit some mittens for George 11-1862.

Lounsbury, Bro. : Brother in Horace's church 12-1862

Lounsbury, Phineas : his lot adjoins Father Griswold's property. He came out onto his property and Horace showed him Father Griswold's new house 5-1862. At Camp Aiken in Bridgeport In the same mess with George Purdy 8-1862, some items sent to him 9-1862

Lounsbury, William : gave boxes for items to be sent to the soldiers 9-1862.

Lovejoy, Brother : New York. Former preacher in Horace's church 11-1860

Lovejoy, Mary C. : Brother Lovejoy's daughter

Lovejoy, J. A. : made life member of the Parent Missionary Society

Lovejoy, Mr. : brought Horace a pot of butter 10-1861

Lovelace, George : Constable, served notices of the draft 9-1962.

Loveland children : Horace fills out certificates of admission to the Sunday school for them 3-1863

Lynes, Mr. : Horace bought 2 evergreen trees from him 5-1862

Madden, Thomas - apprentice at the Pahquioque Finishing Shop (1860)

Mallett, Dr. : Horace took a ride around New Haven with him 8-1861

Mallet, Mr. : Redding. Offered to lend Horace $1100 to consolidate 2 notes and a mortgage on Horace's property, to be paid annually instead of semiannually. Horace gave him his mortgage deed and insurance policy to secure the loan 3-1863.

Mallory, Eli H. : ran for post master 4-1861

Mallory, Kate : New Haven. Formerly of Danbury and friend of Horace and Gussie.

Mallory, John : owns a baker's peddling wagon and gives Horace a ride as far as Mr. Ferry's store 7-1861

Manley, Daniel : gave Horace a new variety of potatoes, 5-1862, some turnip plants 7-1862. Was not able to get a military exemption 8-1862. Bought some cider from Horace 12-1862.

Mason, Charles : clerk for Noah Hoyt. Delivered the bottles of ale that Horace had ordered from Randall's. 6-1862.

Maybie, Horace : uncle of Horace, visiting and staying with Horace's parents 1-1863

Maynard, Brother James L. : elected Sec.-Treas. of the Sunday School Teachers 4-8-1860. Resigned 1-21-1861 because he was leaving town 1-22-1861. Wrote to Horace from East Haddam (North Lyme) 2-1861.

Maynard, Mrs. : funeral held 9-29-1860

McDonald & Ford : dry goods store, had a fire 2-1861.

McDonald, Bro. : led the evening meeting 1-1863.

McDonald, Mr. : owner of horse and sleigh (1860). McDonald's Blacksmith Shop . Horace paid him money owed for milk 12-1861. Horace paid Mrs. McDonald 3-1862. George borrows his horse and carriage to go to Bethel 8-1862. Horace shot with pistols at a target in his orchard 11-1862.

McDowel, John : shopped at Pahquioque Hat Finishing shop 2-1862

McNeil, Mr. : painting Father Griswolds house, took tea at Horace's since his wife was there dressmaking 10-1862.

McNeil, Mrs. : called to see Gussie after the baby was born. 1860. Gussie got a dress cut by her 10-1862

Mead, Henry : engaged to friend of Gussie Purdy, Elizabeth Bedel

Mead, Elizabeth Bedel : Hempstead, L.I. Wife of Henry. Writes to Gussie 9-1861. Gussie receives a letter from her 9-1862, 11-1862. She visits from Brooklyn 3-1863. Lives near Classon and Green aves. In New York city 3-1863.

Meriden Britanic Co. : Horace bought spoons in Danbury from a salesman of the company 11-1860.

Miley, Anna : attended singing party 4-29-1860

Miley, Sally : attended singing party 4-29-1860

Miley, Brother and Sister. Brother preaches (1860). Last day as pastor in Danbury 4-8-1860. Appointed to Forsyth St., NYC at the Conference in Stamford 4-1860. Some of Capt. Moore's company attended his church in Bridgeport and Mr. Thompson preached. 8-1862.

Mills, Caroline - : Cousin of Horace , visited Horace and Gussie in the evening then went up home with George Purdy 12-1860. Came to visit Gussie and Horace with Harriet Purdy 10-1861. Came to meet Charles Mills and went home with him 3-1863

Mills, Charles : cousin of Horace. With the First Minnesota Regiment at Harpers Ferry 3-1862. Near Yorktown in the army under McClellan 5-1862. Sick in the hospital at Frederick MD, becomes steward of the Jail St. hospital in Frederick MD 10-1862. Home from the war 3-1863.

Mills, David : Cousin of Horace , visited Horace and Gussie in the evening then went up home with George Purdy 12-1860. In the 5th Connecticut regiment (3 year troops) , is in Capt. A. Betts company, general Banks Division and is the Adjutant's Orderly 1-1862. Prisoner in Richmond and recently released 10-1862. With his regiment at the Jail St. Hospital in Frederick MD, provost guard duty 11-1862.

Mills, Aunt Harriet : Bethel. Came up on the train for a visit 6-1862.

Mills, Harriet : Bethel. Cousin of Horace, daughter of Aunt Harriet Mills, visited Horace and Gussie in the evening then went to her boarding place 12-1860. Visited with her mother, Aunt Harriet Mills 6-1862. Visited Horace and Gussie with Mrs. Cyrus White 2-1863

Mills, Hart : broke his arm 10-1861

Mills, Jesse : uncle of Horace who lives in Ridgefield

Mills, Lauren : young relative in Canton/Collinsville

Mills, Marie : Bethel, cousin of Horace, daughter of Aunt Harriet Mills. 6-1862

Mills, Mary Purdy : aunt of Horace who lives in Ridgefield. Asked to come up and to help with some nursing by Mr. Crofut. Mr. Crofut paid for the horse for the journey

Mills, Nancy : married Augustus Purdy. Mother of Horace, George , Isabel, John (deceased : Kenosha cemetary), Abigail (deceased) , William (deceased)**

Mills, Ruanna : aunt to Horace, in Ridgefield

Moegling, Louis : dyer in Danbury

Moegling, Maj. William : home on leave, wounded in the leg while with the 11th Regiment of McClellan's army, chasing the rebels on the upper Potomac. 9-1862. Promoted to Lieut. Col. Because his Colonel died in the battle 10-1862.

Monahan, Father : the Catholic priest in Danbury, lectured at Concert Hall on St. Patrick's day 3-1863.

Moore, Capt. : of the 2nd Company Volunteers, returned to Danbury 8-1861. Plastered Horace's new chimney in the sink room 6-1862. Was forming a new company with the 17th Regiment, and many men enlisted after the Governor's speech 7-1862. Sword and sash presented to him 8-1862.

Moorehouse, Aaron : starting an association with George Purdy and others for young men. Horace is proposed for membership 4-1862. Took over assisting in the library duties at the Sunday School 8-1862. Borrowed Sunday School minutes from Horace to copy the bylaws 12-1862. Paid $1 to Horace for the use of George's melodeon. 12-1862.

Mootry, Mr. : Horace pays him his hydrant tax at the post office 1-1862

Morgan, George : walked with Horace up to see John Pollit 10-1861

Morris, Granville : brought at letter from George to Horace 8-1862.

Morris, Deputy Sherriff : called on to deal with rowdy firemen 4-19-1860

Morris, Stephen : buried 12-27-1860

Morse, Ira : Horace bought cloth from him for George. George was measured and the cloth cut so Mother Purdy could sew the pants 3-1862.

Morse, Mr. : Horace brought his list of taxable property to him 10-1861

Nash, Albert : Bridgeport. Preached in Horace's church 11-1861.

New Milford company, 11th Regiment : Horace is offered a lieutenancy if he brings in 20 volunteers. He turns it down to keep his promise to Gussie 11-1861

Newman, Edith : Horace left pictures of George with her, per George's instructions 9-1862. George sends money in a letter to her for Horace to deposit 12-1862.

Nichols, David P. : nominated for the Legislature 3-29-1860

Nichols, James W. : son in law's funeral at his home 10-28-1860. He is Presbyterian

Nickerson, Nelson : Horace performed an operation on a kitten for him 7-1860. Horace lent him money because Mr. Crofut was late with the wages 10-1860. Came home with Horace and went ice skating with him 12-1860. Gussie and Hattie (Wheeler) visit with their babies 11-1861

Norris : the butcher. Bought pork 12-1861

Norris, William H. : elected delegate in Stamford CT to the General Conference 4-13-1860

Northrop : Crofut, Cyrus W. - of the Jeffersonian 10-1860

Northrop, Cyrus W. : Norwalk, spoke to the Republicans at Concert Hall 3-30-1861

Northrop, Seth : 'shopped : , working with Horace 8-1860

Nostrand, Robert : had

Olmstead, Mr. : smoked Horace's hams and shoulder 2-1862, 1-1863.

Olmstead, W. F. : Horace got the Fair premium for Fannie's picture from him

Osborne, David : of Bethel, preached in Horace's church (1860)

Osborne, Harriet (Hattie) : married Edward Stevens 1-1-1862

Osborne : editor of the Danbury Times, prints extracts from Horace's letters home 6-1861

Otis, William : At Camp Aiken in Bridgeport in the same mess of the regiment with George Purdy 8-1862. Some items sent to him 9-1862.

Pahquioque Hat Finishing Shop : shop where Horace works. Men agreed to stop taking orders until Mr. Crofut paid them as other journeymen are paid, regualrlarly, on time and in cash.

Palmer, Abigail - Stamford CT, Aunt of Horace Purdy. Horace and family visited her 9-1862

Palmer, Phebe J. : Stamford CT, cousin of Horace Purdy, daughter of Abigail. She visited Danbury . 1860. Visited George at camp in Bridgeport 9-1862.

Palmer, Edmund : Eddie : - Stamford CT, cousin of Horace Purdy. Visited Danbury and Ridgefield. 1860, 8-1862.

Palmer, Edmund : New York, Horace bought blacking from him 8-1860 and 9-1860

Parson, Abel : building Horace's sink room chimney with his apprentice, . 6-1862

Parsons, Charles C. : cousin, a lieutenant in the regular army, expected on the train 2-1863.

Pearce , David : Horace had a political discussion and argument with him in the newspaper office at Bennett's store 1-1861

Peas, Rowena - and her fianc : /husband, also named Peas (a cousin) called on the Griswolds and Gussie

Pease, H. F. : Bethel. Preached at Horace's church 12-1860. 2-1862, 10-1862.

Peck, Mr. - 2nd Congregational minister. Preached at Horace's church 11-1860

Pegg, John, Jr. : appointed to Danbury church at the Conference in Stamford CT 4-1860. Previously in Hartford. Horace stays overnight at his house in New York city on Forsyth St. 3-1863.

Perrin, Mr. : spoke to the Democrats at Concert Hall previous to the Monday election, 3-29-1861

Phillips, Harriet : visited the Griswolds 1-1861

Phillips, Widow : residence on Deer Hill burned 4-19-1860. Went to stay with Charles Benedict, her neighbor on the north.

Pine, Alex : came to get dirty clothes for his wife to wash. 11-1862.

Pine, Jane : helped Gussie and Horace clean house 9-1862.

Pine, Julia : helped Gussie clean house 6-1860

Pine, Violet : little colored girl across the way from Horace and Gussie. Mr. Allen's son injures his foot while cutting wood with her 3-1863.

Pine, William : Horace's colored neighbor. His baby is baptized at Horace's church, 9-9-1860.

Platt, Frank : member of Horace's military unit. Helped Horace roll a handcar back to camp to warn about men setting fire to the railroad tracks 6-1861

Pollit, John : has home on Town Hill. Horace and George Morgan visit him to see his fruits and vegetables 10-1861. Horace sold him and apple tree 4-1862. Argues with Horace over a debt 5-1862

Porter, Wilson - a rum seller in Danbury died 2-1863

Post, Cornelia : Essex CT, friend of Gussie Purdy 1860, 2-1863

Powell, Mrs. Adelia : Brooklyn NY, came with Fanny Griswold from New York for a visit. Sister of Mrs. Elizabeth Mead 3-1863.

Powell, Gideon : Brooklyn, Fulton Ave. Horace stayed overnight with him and his wife 3-1863.

Prince : the cat (1860, 6-1862) Horace killed him while weeding 6-1862.

Pulling, Smith : 'shopped : , worked with Horace 8-1860. New daughter 2-1862.

Purdy, Anna : (cousin?) : visited in the evening 3-1862. Very sick 7-1862

Purdy, Augusta (Griswold) : wife of Horace Purdy. Married December 3, 1858. Son, Edwin, born 8-29-1861. She weighed 106 pounds 9-11-1862

Purdy, Augustus : b. 3-10-1811 in Somers NY. father of Horace Purdy. worked on Father Griswold's garden and on Horace's 5-1862

Purdy, Edwin Augustus : son of Horace and Gussie born 8-29-1861. Baptized 3-12-1862. Had diphtheria 1-1863. Has trouble walking 3-1863.

Purdy, George : birthday 8-13. brother of Horace Purdy. Librarian of the Sunday School : 1862. Procured a situation at Sturdevant's Factory 7-1862. Joined Capt. Moore's company, 17th Regiment 8-1862. Went to Camp Aiken, Bridgeport to train 8-1862. Regiment stopped at Fort Marshall at Baltimore 9-1862. Sick in hospital in Baltimore 9-1862. Near Hopeville Gap, near Thoroughfare Gap on the Manassas Railroad 11-1862. Sick with fever, in the hospital at Brooks Station on the Aquia and Falmouth Railroad 3-1863.

Purdy, Harriet : Horace offers to have her stay with them while she is out of work. She declines because she has found some sewing work 1-1861. Horace talks to her about her behavior and she is upset 9-1861. She is staying at Mr. Bogle's boarding house on Clermont Ave. near DeKalb in Brooklyn where Horace visits her 3-1863.

Purdy, Hart : cousin of Horace. Helped with the sink room chimney and was paid by Horace 6-1862.

Purdy, Horace : b. November 11, 1834. Married Augusta (Gussie) Griswold December 3, 1858 Treasurer of the Juvenile Missionary Society (1860), works at the Pahquioque Finishing Shop.. Made life member of the Parent Missionary Society 4-1860. Elected Librarian of the Sunday School Teachers 4-8-1860. Appointed Sec./Treas. of the Sunday School 1-1861 on Mr. Maynard's resignation, elected 4-1862 . Drafted Jan. 27, 1862. Exempted from the draft for time served under the old law 2-1862. He weighed 111 lbs. 9-11-1862. Sold some silve specie to Mr. Robinson, the jeweler to cover the revenue stamps on his new note on the mortgage which he took with Mr. Mallett 3-1863

Purdy, Isabella : Sister of Horace and George Purdy. Writes her first letter : it's to Cousin Phebe Palmer 4-1862

Purdy, John : brother of Horace Purdy . Born 5-11-1837. Died in 1857 and buried in cemetery on present day Kenosia Ave.

Purdy, Mary : Cousin of Horace. Came over in the evening to watch the baby for Horace and Gussie 11-1861. Walked up the the cemetery with Gussie 5-1862.Visited Horace with George Hall 7-1862.

Purdy, Nancy Mills : mother of Horace, George, Isabel, John (deceased), Abigail (deceasd), William (deceased) **. Sick 1-1862, with her spinal difficulty

Ramsey, George : Minnesota. Corresponded with Maj. Gen. H. S. Sanford, US Minister at Brussels 11-1862,

Randall's : Horace purchased a bottle of ale to try 5-1862.

Raymond, Avery : Horace bought a shad from him 5-1862. Lobster from him 7-1862.

Raymond, Mons. Augustave : balloonist at the Fair Grounds 9-1860

Raymond, John W. : Elected 3rd Sargent of the Wooster Guards 3-9-1860

Raymond, Samuel : of the Baptist Church. Spoke to the Sunday school classes

Reed, Charles H. : visited the Baxter's 7-1860. Horace bought coal from him 2-1862

Reed, G. H. & Co. : shop where Horace has an account.

Renoude, Mr. & Mrs. : Stamford. Guests of the Palmers during Conference 4-1860

Richards, Mrs. : called on Gussie and Horace 5-2-1860 , 8-1861. Injured by a runway horse 7-1862.

Richards, Mr. : Horace and Gussie visited 10-1861

Rider, Dr. - Horace got bushels of apples from him

Rider, George : has a team and Horace engages him to do some work for Father Griswold 11-1860.

Rittons : photographer where Harriet Wheeler and Gussie got the babies pictures taken 4-1862. George gets his picture taken before going to Bridgeport to Capt. Moore's company 8-1862

Robinson's Jewelry Store : Horace gets his clock cleaned and repaired there 5-1862. Horace left this silver pencil and pen holder there 6-1862. Horace had his watch cleaned 11-1862

Robinson, Rev. Mr. : pastor or 2nd Congregational Church, preached in the Baptist church on Thanksgiving and Gussie attended 11-28-1861. Read Washington's farewell address on the holiday 2-1862.

Rockwell, Mrs. Eli : Ridgebury CT. A widow in 1860. Horace Purdy lived with her when a boy. Visiting near Horace's house 5-7-1860 . Eli Rockwell (1805-1857). Both buried in Ridgebury Cemetery. Injured by a runaway horse in Danbury 7-1862

Rockwell, Mary : received a watch for bringing in the largest number of scholars to the Sunday school 1-1862

Roff, John : cried off from work at the shop : work was too hard 8-20-1860. Cook for Capt. Skinner, arrived in Danbury from Port Royal 12-1861

Roff, Mr : his little girl came with Bell to watch the baby for Gussie11-1861

Rogers, Brother Charles : New York : came to visit the Griswolds 3-1860.

Rogers, Dwight : Horace and he exchanged revolvers on trial. His is smaller 11-1861

Rooney, John : youngest apprentice at the shop where Horace works 1860. Went to the bank for Horace to draw a check 2-1861. Almost enlisted in Capt. Moore's company 7-1862.

Rowan, Mr. : store proprietor. Horace and Gussie visit his store to see the Christmas toys 12-1860. Horace buys ale 4-1862

Rowan, John : sewing society meeting at his house 4-1861. Has been blind for years but went to New York to have his eyes operated on and his sight has improved. Horace and Gussie call on him 5-1862.

Rowan, Peter : builds stone wall for Horace with his man, Andrew Gould 4-1862

Ryan, Dr. : Horace attended the Methodist church in Washington where he preached 5-1861

Ryder, Joseph : went ice fishing at Kanosha with Horace 1-1862


St. John, Dr. : Mother Griswold had a tooth extracted by him 12-1860. Gussie had one extracted 10-1862

St. John, Mr. : was drunk when he tried to give his speech during the Governor's visit 7-1862

Sanford, Charles : sold Horace a hat 6-1860

Sanford, Cynthia : daughter of Joel Sanford, married Jesse D. Stevens 2-1-1860

Sanford, Elias : Horace buys a pair of shoes in his shop 4-1862

Sanford, E. A. : at Starr's Arms Factory, Yonkers NY. Horace writes to him to get a position for George. 8-1862.

Sanford, Maj. Gen. H. S. : US minister resident at the court in Brussels. 11-1862

Sanford, Mrs. Theodore : sister of Robert A. Dikeman, soldier who died in Memphis TN.

Sanford, Rev. Mr. : a minister from Five Points in NY. Spoke about the mission there and a collection was taken up at church 7-20-1860. He also addressed several assembled Sunday Schools at the 1st Congregational Church

Sayers, Mr. : the cart man.

Sayers, Robert : brother of the cart man Sayers. Treasurer of the Danbury Cornet Band 1860. Mother Purdy attended the funeral of his child 7-1862.

Scofield,William J. : elected vice-president of the Sunday School Teachers 4-9-1860. Visited the Griswolds with his wife 1-1861. Horace got a cherry tree scion to graft from him 4-1861. Gussie and Hattie (Wheeler) visit with their babies 11-1861

Scribner, David : shopped at Pahquioque Hat Finishing shop 2-1862

Seeley, Aaron : his wife died 3-21-1862.

Seeley, Augustus : married Miss Hoyt 6-7-1860

Serene, Oscar : house on West St. burglarized 6-22-1860

Seymour, Thomas H. : running for Governor of CT 3-21-1860

Seymour, Old Mother : died 6-20-1862.

Shaw, Jacob : preacher from Redding preached at Horace's church.

Shepard, Frank : addressed the Republicans at Concert Hall 9-23-1860

Sherwood, Mrs. I. A. : widow in 1860. Attempted burglary of her home on Deer Hill 6-24-1860

Shuck, Louis : made and drank coffee with Horace at Fairfax VA 7-1861

Sidney, Mary : visited with her while in Canton CT 8-1860

Simpson, Bishop : preached at Conference in Stamford 4-1860

Skinner, Capt : meeting held to recruit for his company 8-1861

Skinner, B. F. : foiled a robbery by burglars and stabbed one of them 7-1860

Skinner, Frank : went on a scouting mission with Horace 7-1861

Skinner, Mr. : travels around introducing good literature and visited the Sabbath School. Studying for the ministry, preached in Horace's church. Is selling subscriptions to the Atlantic Monthly 12-1860.

Small, Charles : Horace buys a used baby carriage from him 11-1861. Went ice fishing at Kanosha with Horace 1-1862. Shopmate of Horace 7-1862. Enlisted in Capt. Moore's Company 8-1862. They received word that he had died 10-1862. Body came by train and funeral was 10-6-1862.

Smith's News Office - Horace paid for copies of the Theological Compendium 6-1862. Taken over by Mr. Swift 7-1862.

Smith, Henry I. : ran for post master 4-1861. Horace gave him an order for catechisms 6-1862

Smith, Isaac : had Father, Mother and Fanny Griswold to dinner 1-1860. Called on Father Griswold with Mr. Filly from Bloomfield 5-1862

Smith, Joseph : Ridgefield minister, guest preacher at the Danbury Church 6-1860

Smith, Mr. R. : prospective lodger in Horace Purdy's house 1860. Rented rooms from Horace until 1-1-1861

Smith, Richard : his father is buried from Horace's church 11-24-1861.

Smith, Walter Perry : his funeral held at home of his father-in-la.w 10-28-1860

Sniffins, Saul : at Hatters meeting, he was denied a card 7-1862.

Soule's Pills : the agent came by for payment for the pills he had left with Horace 2 years ago, and Horace returned the pills 6-1862.

Southmayd, George M. : Captain of the Wooster Guards. Used his hearse for R. Ae Dikeman's funeral procession to the cemetery. Resigned as Captain 3-2-1860. His shop burned 6-25-1860. Elected Captain of the 5th company, 11th regiment 9-1861. Stationed in Hartford 11-1861. Home on furlough 6-1862.

Spidell, Lt. Col : of Horace's regiment 7-1861

Sproat, Thomas : an Irishman, had a puppy for Mother Griswold 12-1860

Staples, Mr. & Mrs. : buried 4-19-1862

Starr & Barnum : shop where Father Griswold got manure and muck 11-1860. Where Horace got shavings 1-1861.

Starr & Smith : Horace ordered catachisms for the Sunday School through them 5-1862

Starr, 1st Lieut. : 23rd. Regiment, in Capt. Jenkins company, received sword and sash 10-1862.

Starr, Frederick : accepted as a recruit in Horace's military unit 1-1861. Asked by Horace to take command of the Wooster Guards and he agreed with certain conditions 3-1861

Starr, George : Brother in the Church. Elected Superintendent of the Sunday School Teachers 4-8-1860. Horace built a cabinet for curiosities for his brother George at George Starr's shop 12-1860. Horace used George Starr's horses to collect ever greens for the church 12-1860. Sewing society meets at his house, 1861. Horace and Father Griswold obtained shavings from his shop 9-1861. Horace made a 'skit box : for George for Father Purdy 1-1862. Horace gave him a picture of George Purdy 9-1862. Horace went skating on his pond 1-1863.

Starr, Peter - Elected Assist. Superintendent of the Sunday School Teachers 4-8-1860. Choirmaster in 1860. collected evergreens with Horace and George Purdy for the church. They used George Starrs team. 12-1860. Offers a prize for the second most scholars brought to Sunday School 1-1861. Leads the Sunday School Teachers class 1861. Writes to Horace in Virginia 7-1861. Runs a news office. Visited Father Griswold with his wife 2-1863

Starr, Mrs. Daniel : called to see Gussie after the baby was born 9-1861

Stearns, Dr. : surgeon for Horace's military unit 5-1861

Stebbens, S. : gave Horace some cash and Horace gave him a check in exchange 4-1861

Stevens & Hoyt : store where Horace has an account. Horace ordered a pair of pants there. Bought 2 undershirts on credit 12-1860. Horace carried a bill from Mr. Crofut there to pay Horace's account 10-1861. One of the owners is Charles Stevens 4-1862

Stevens, Charles T. : wife died 2-13-1860. Tailor, made vest for Father Griswold, clothes for Horace. Brother in Horace's church 12-1860. In Horace's military unit and went to Hartford from New Haven to procure overcoats with Judah Crosby 4-1861. Horace orders vest 3-1862. Attended church with his bride (his third wife), Rev. John Crawford's daughter of Redding. Horace purchased blue flannel from him 11-1862. Visited the Griswolds with his wife 3-1863.

Stevens, Edward P. : apprentice at the Pahquioque Finishing Shop (1860).Time was out 9-1861. Married Hattie Osborne 1-1-1862. Horace and shopmates attended his wife's funeral at the Disciples church 12-1862

Stevens, Jesse D. : married Cynthia Sanford (2-1-1860). Elected first Lieutenant of the Wooster Guards 3-9-1860. Shopped where Horace works 7-1861. Claimed a block which Horace had claimed also 1-1862

Stevens, William : Englishman. Neighbor of Horace who was evicted by Sherriff. Gardner?

Stockwell, Mrs. : waited at her place in Canton CT to take the stage to Bloomfield 8-1860

Stone, Amos - Horace ordered beef from him 2-1862

Stone, Dea Oliver : Horace handed his tax list and Father Griswold's to him at his office 1860. Horace pays him his taxes 10-1862

Stone, John : his wife and her sister were injured by a runaway horse 7-1862.

Stone, Lieut. Col. Henry B. : As major, home on furlough 1-1862. 5th Regiment, killed in battle 8-1862. Wounded at Slaughter Mountain, taken prisoner, and died at Delavan Hospital in Charlottsville. Funeral sermon preached at the Baptist church 2-1863

Stone, Mr. : Baptist preacher exchanged places on a Sunday with Bro. Pegg 8-1861. Spoke at Concert Hall at the return celebration for Capt. Moore's company. Church remodeled and finished by 11-1861. Gave a lecture on the Army of the Potomac, 1-16-1862. His office used by Draft Board review exemption requests 1-1862. Spoke at Taylor funeral 2-1862. Visiting Europe 7-1862. Preached funeral sermon for Lieut. Col. Stone and Gussie and Horace attended 2-1863.

Stone, Mrs. : Horace hires her to clean the upstairs rooms for the new tenant, does the washing for Horace and Gussie 11-1862

Sutton, P. A. : there was an attempted burglary at his place on Deer Hill Ave. 6-23-1860

Swan, Elder - addressed the departing troops at the Depot 8-1861

Swift, Mr. O H. : took over Smith's News Office . Selling Griswold's Family Salve on commission for Horace, 7-1862. Was a prisoner with Charles Mills in Richmond 10-1862. He and his wife leave Mr. Hurd's and rent 3 rooms from Horace 11-1862. He and his wife move out 3-1863.

Taylor, Anna : received a letter from George and it had a note for Horace requesting him to buy and send stamps to him 10-1862.

Taylor, Ferdinand : foreman at Orin Benedict's : make shop : in Bethel

Taylor, Henry : a soldier in the 8th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, died of typhoid fever in Annapolis Md. 1-1862. Corpse came on the train and he was buried from the Methodist Church 2-1862

Taylor, Herman : Bethel CT, cousin of Horace Purdy

Taylor, James S. : Horace looks for him to speak about the $400 Horac would like to borrow to pay off his note with Alfred Gregory

Taylor, Mary - cousin who died on 6-4-1862. Buried on 6-5-1862.

Tammany, Joseph : off at the Pahquiogue Finishing Shop (2-1860)

Thompson, Harry : buried 6-21-1860

Thompson, Dr. : truss maker in Danbury 8-1860. Horace bought a truss from him 3-1862.

Thumb, General Tom : exhibited in Danbury 11-1860.

Thompson, Mr. : acting chaplain in Capt. Moore's company, preached to the men in Bridgeport and preached at Bro. Miley's church there. 8-1862.

Tobias, Anna : married Mr. Williams in the Baptist Church, Jan. 1, 1860

Trip, the Purdy dog was attacked by dogs and died, was buried in the garden under the dwarf pear tree by the alley 3-1861

Trowbridge : member of the 38th New York and died of a fever in Washington was brought to Danbury for burial 9-1861

Tucker, Mr. : editor of the School Bell, visited the Sunday School 3-1862

Tweedy, Mayor : called on Horace in 5-1860 about assessment for new street

Underhill, Marianne - school mate of Gussie at Amenia Seminary. Wrote to Gussie 3-1863.

Valentine, Mr. : bought Father Griswold's place 11-25-1861. Horace spoke with him outside Horace's house 6-1862.

Vintz, Mr : (a German) member of Horace's church, died and left his family in poor shape 2-15-1861

VIntz, Mary : one of the Sunday School scholars. Horace hires her to nurse Gussie 9-1861

Vintz, Mrs. : spends the afternoon with Gussie 10-1861. Died 11-5-1861

Wakeley, George B. : lectured before the Young Men's Christian Association (1-1860)

Ward, Lewis A. - camping in Bridgeport in the same mess of the regiment with George Purdy 8-1862

Warren, Mr. : rents rooms from Horace 3-1861, 8-1861. Had an accident with his axe and Horace dressed his wound 2-1862. Moved out 4-1862.

Warren, Rufus : Horacetakes a watch for him to a shop in Bridgeport, Blackman's 8-1862.

Warren, William : has enlisted and is at Camp Aiken in Bridgeport. Came home and took up his role as Assist. Librarian 8-1862. At camp with George and wrote a letter for George who was sick with fever 3-1863.

Washington, George : : the colored preacher : spoke at Horace's church to solicit funds to build a church for colored people 10-1860

Waters, Horace : and his singing children (pupils) performed in Danbury 10-1861

Waters, John : posted as camp guard with Horace at Camp McDowell 7-1861

Watson, Susan : visited Gussie and Horace 10-1860. Bought items for Gussie and Frank Boughton in New York 11-1860. Visited the Griswolds 1-1862.

Weber, Mr. : Hartford. Appointed chaplain of Horace's regiment by Gov. Buckingham 6-1861

Webb, Frank : 'shopped : : worked with Horace 8-1860

Webster, Daniel : Bloomfield, uncle of Gussie Purdy

Webster, Grandfather and Grandmother : mother and father of : Mother : Purdy. Grandparents of Gussie Purdy. Buried in the cemetery in Bloomfield.

Webster, Harry : Bloomfield, son of Daniel, cousin of Gussie Purdy

Weed, George : brought a letter from George at Camp Aiken in Bridgeport 8-1862.

Wheeler, Abel : husband of Harriet . His folks live in New Fairfield 8-1861. Horace orders wood from him to build a wood house 4 -1862. Helps Horace with the tin around the new chimney 6-1862. He joins the army and is in New Haven training 9-1862. He and his regiment, the 23rd, are in camp near Jamaica, Long Island 11-1862. His regiment is in Banks Division, stationed in New Orleans 2-1863.

Wheeler, Harriet Stevens - Married to Abel Wheeler. Had a son born 8-30-1861. Visits Abel in Brooklyn with Josie to see him off with his regiment 12-1862.

Wheeler, Jet : Harriet's cat died at the Griswolds. Was buried on 4-10-1860

Wheeler, Josie : daughter of Able and Harriet 4-1862.

Wheeler, William G. : was shopped at the Pahquioque Finishing Shop (1860). Horace submitted a card for him to the Hatters Society and received payment. Sold Horace some cider 11-1860. Visited Horace in camp in New Haven 5-1861

White, Colonel : Horace went ice skating on his pond 12-1860.

White, Charles H. : elected 2nd lieutenant of the 5th volunteer company

White, Nelson L. : delivered the opening address for the Fair 9-25-1860

White, Maria - Elected Female Superintendent of the Sunday School Teachers 4-8-1860. Presented with a pronouncing Bible with other officers and teachers of the School and is moving to Peekskill 3-1862.

White, Mother : Horace carried a chicken and a winter squash to her on his way to work 12-1860

White, Mrs. Cyrus : helped nurse Gussie 9-1861. Gussie and Hattie Wheeler visited her with the babies 11-1861. Visited Mother Griswold at Horace's 4-1862. Sewing Society meeting at her house 7-1862. Horace and Gussie with Hattie Mills 2-1863

White, Mrs. : she and her sister, Miss Horton, are tenants of the Griswolds 11-1861

The Wide Awakes : had torchlight processions in 6-1860

Wilcox, Augustus : an old hatter in Danbury, was hit by a train in Norwalk 2-1863

Wilcox, Mrs. : accompanied Mrs. Joseph Young to Horace's house when Mrs. Young picked up the pay for her husband.

Wilcox, Widow : lives on the corner near Horace, youngest son has small pox 3-1861

Wildman, Adoniram : Hiram : : buried 1-26-1860

Wildman, Edgar L. : had a political discussion with Horace 2-1861. Attended church with Horace in Washington DC 5-1861. Went on picket guard with Horace 7-1861

Wildman, E. E. : elected Captain of the Wooster Guards 3-9-1860. Presented bill to the band with Horace 10-1861

Wildman, Emma : visited Horace with George Purdy 5-8-1860

Wildman, F. S. : Union meeting on the green in front of his shop 9-1861

Wildman, Lucy : received a silver cup for bringing in the second most scholars to the Sunday school 1-1862. : Converted : 2-1862. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wildman 7-1862.

Wildman, Russell : president of the Juvenile Missionary Society

Wildman, Mrs. Russell : called on Horace and Gussie 7-1862

Williams, Rev. T : from Jefferson City, Missouri preached at Horace's church and asked for funds for a Methodist institute of learning

Wilson, James : visited with Horace and Gussie while they were in Bloomfield.

Wing, Mr. : from Goshen. Attended Horace's church. He spoke at a prayer meeting : 12-1860

Wise, Mr. : gave Horace some vegetable plants 5-1860. Horace and Gussie went to get a plant from him 10-1860

Witherspoon, William : brought pepper seed to Horace 5-17-1860. He and Horace treated the shop because of his and Horace's new babies 10-1861. Elected Secretary of the Hat Finishers Assoc. 1-1862. Horace got cabbage plants from him and gave him some lettuce plants 5-1862. Horace sold him a tree 11-1862. Works with Horace at the shop and Horace gave him some vinegar 3-1863.

Wood, Mayor Fernando : of New York, spoke in Danbury 3-21-1860

Wood, Mr. : has shop where Horace looked at picture frames 12-1860

Wood, Mrs. : formerly Frances Doane

Woodford, Mr. : jeweler with store in Danbury. Repaired Horace's watch. Mr. Bailey works for him

Woodruff, Brother George W. : Waterbury - Preached in Horace's church in place of Bro. Pegg 1-1861. Also preached 2-1863.

Woolley, Brother : preached in Ridgefield in 1859. Stationed in Norwalk in 1860. Wife died in Norwalk, 5-1860. Late chaplain in the 8th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers under Gen. Burnside in North Carolina. Preached in Horace's church. He is lecturing and taking up collections to procure chaplains : tents , books and good reading matter for the soldiers 5-1862

Wooster Light Guards : drilled in Danbury. Spent 3 months fighting in the war. Disbanded by 11-1861

Wright's Paint Shop : where Horace buys paint 7-1862.

Wright, Mrs. Louise : Gussie wrote to her, an old school mate 3-1863.

Wylie, Mrs : funeral 4-29-1860

Young, Joseph : elected 3rd Corporal of the Wooster Guards 3-9-1860. Works in the shop with Horace, 7-1862. Visited Horace then went over to Granville Ave. to visit his lady, Mary Prior. Got a military exemption, 8-1862. Married 9-17-1862. Visited Horace with his wife; picked up and delivered Horace's letters 10-1862. Went to New York so his wife brought his chits to Horace so Horace could take care of them on payday. 12-1862.




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