Truman Warner Anthropological Collection, MS048

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Truman Warner Anthropological Collection, MS048


This is a small collection of objects from Asia, Africa, the Americas and New Guinea collected presumably from the 1960s and 1980s by Truman Warner to be used in class and for his personal collection. The collection is predominantly made up of musical instruments and masks.


Davis, Richard
Warner, Truman

Collection Items

Ko-Omote No Mask
8 x 4.75 x 2.5", papier-mache mask

Parasol and slip cover (silk)
16", silk and bamboo

Gourd milk/water vessel and cup
14 x 10", gourd sewn; painted wood

9 x 3"

Cocoa drying mat?
96 x 66", cane and gut

Spirit Pole?
2, 70 x 6", wood

Small rug
15 x 32", wool

Handwoven shawl
52 x 30", cotton

Jaw Harp
2", steal

Dance Apron
36 x 40", cloth with beaded embroidery
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