Davida Blakeslee Foy Scrapbook, MS057

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Davida Blakeslee Foy Scrapbook, MS057


Davida Blakeslee was a 1929 graduate of the Danbury Normal School. She documented her time at DNS in a scrapbook which includes photographs, programs, a Student Newspaper, bus and train timetables, invitations, and cocktail napkins.

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Images from the Blakeslee Scrapbook
Individual scans of images included in the scrapbook.

Portrait of Blakeslee with friend
Blakeslee with another student presumably outside of Fairfield Hall.

Roberts Ave. field
Black and white print of an image in the Davida Blakeslee scrapbook.

Davida Blakeslee Scrapbook
The scrapbook is a two ring binder with heavy paper hand decorated with photographs, booklets, flyers, and other memorabilia pasted into it.

Davida Blakeslee Images
Images of Blakeslee with friends that were placed in an envelope in her scrapbook. Views include Roberts Avenue area, Fairfield Hall, Old Main and the roof of Fairfield Hall.
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