About the Truman Warner Collection

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factory Truman Warner spent 37 years as a teacher and administrator. He was a board member and former president of the Scott-Fanton Museum, now known as the Danbury Museum and Historical Society. The Warner Collection consists of writings, photographs, ephemera, research notes and papers documenting Warner's life as a World War II medic, author, historian and historical researcher. The research notes contain exhaustive documentation of Warner's research on the history of Danbury and the surrounding area.

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About This Exhibit

The main focus of this digital exhibit is a scrapbook of photos that Warner took during his tour of duty in Europe during WW II. The scrapbook had decayed substantially, and the photographs contained in it had to be removed for their preservation. The scrapbook pages were scanned prior to removing the photographs to preserve the original context of the images. Other images in the collection (mostly duplicates of images in the scrapbook) were also scanned for their preservation. The items in "Warner Artifacts" are snapshots, mostly of musical instruments, which Warner acquired while a teacher of anthropology at WestConn. Picture of Warner's ID