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Just a reminder that Clio will be meeting every Wednesday at 3PM in Clio Corner!

September 18, 2013 Meeting Recap

Yesterday was the first Clio meeting of the new semester! We discussed opening Clio up to the other CSU’s. We also will be organizing a “Learn to Edit: Chicago Style” that Dr. Wilcox and Dr. May will be giving to help us improve in the editing process. We will also be putting flyers in all the professors mailboxes to inform students about Clio and place the flyers around Warner.

So the next meeting is a week from today and there may be a baked good of some kind!! We also still need to elect a new secretary!!

Meeting 4/17/2013 – Archives reading room

Meeting to discuss transition to new editorial board for 2013-2014 and training with the Web site. Also to be discussed – digitization of back issues. Time ~2PM.

3/13/13 – Meeting tonight

There a meeting at the library tonight.  All are welcome.